Here's a sloppy sketch of Celtic knot I sketched up to show you a basic pattern, and how relative each knot is to one another. There is many different types of knot designs you can draw, but for this sketch I will be showing you how to create a Celtic knot in the form of a heart.
As you can see this is going to be a very simple step because all you have to do is draw out the first part of the knot like so.
Begin drawing the other piece of the knot starting right under the first nub you drew in step five. Okay, now draw in the other piece of the intertwined knot like so, and be sure to draw it in so it weaves through the other pieces. For the last drawing step, draw out the other side of the Celtic heart knot, and then you are done. Anyways I have plenty of Celtic related lessons that can be located in the tattoo section as well as the symbol category. Sketch out a heart and where the two ends meet at the top, bring both sides down and together to form a diamond. This time, when the two lines meet in the middle at the top, the line on the right goes straight down to the first heart and the line on the left stops at the line on the right.
Now you finish them by continuing on the same lines until you form three arrow-like points.

Just make sure there are no breaks in the lines and that none of the lines are perfectly straight and you are totally finished! It's best to understand how these knots have a certain pattern within them and how they're repeated throughout the entire design. Once that is done you can add some inner lining that will add the locking effect to the knot's design. There is no guidelines to erase because they where all used or incorporated with one another. I wrote a nice big description with this very same object that I will be teaching you how to draw today, so for me to go into deep detail on the background of this symbol would be pretty hard to do. Inside the heart itself, draw in the lines as shown to complete the lines that are already there and to show them overlapping.
For those of you that like music (everybody does), I will show you “how to draw a Celtic knot the Breaking Benjamin symbol step by step”.
Beginners will definitely be able to do it but, as for any artist, experienced or not, it will take a bit of determination and time. Breaking Benjamin is an American hard rock band that formed in 1998 in a town called Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania by two dudes named Benjamin Burnley who happens to be the lead singer of the band and Jeremy Hummel the drummer.
This may be a hard object to draw because you literally have to make the rope like shapes of the knot intertwine with one another.

I personally don't listen to their music so I couldn't tell you how they sound because I don't know. I’ve included some helpful tip steps that may help you understand how to draw a Celtic knot properly, but since it can be a difficult task to tackle, you may need to practice a few more times before you actually get it right.
I may have heard a song or two from them and not realized that it was Breaking Benjamin but other than that, no clue.
I hope you enjoy the tutorial, and if you have any other suggestions for another great tutorial, just drop in a request and I will fill it as soon as possible. Anyway, in 2007 they released their first single called “Breath” from their third album “Phobia”. After that they appeared on Jay Leno and they also started opening for some already popular bands.
Now since you are learning how to draw the bands symbol, you should know that it came from a tattoo book found by a fan. This tutorial will show you “how to draw a Celtic knot the Breaking Benjamin symbol step by step”.

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