Craftsmen, who know the worth of these Celtic knot patterns, seem to be obsessed with them. You are in mobile-friendly mode, which is recommended for all devices, especially mobile devices. You can get a celtic cross stitch pattern for your favorite knot, it can be an easier and simple one or can be the one with that extra details.
Do not "X" the little dots that lie right on your border line, just those that fall within the border.
Celtic knots are geometrical patterns with those soft curves, making them extraordinarily beautiful and enchanting. Celtic knot can be a little tricky for the beginners to make, as it needs extra care and attention to make it as beautiful as it should be.

Each small dot is going to be an intersection where two "ropes" of knot are going to cross over each other. You may vary the sharpness of the turn to suit your tastes, from a 90 degree angle to a soft, round curve. It should look like an ordinary dot surrounded by high lightened dots on four sides and vice versa. There are also graph papers already available with such details; you can get one for your convenience. Looking through all my reference books I have come across this celtic cable two more times, once in a written form and another in a chart as part of a cable and lace wrap, I will add these to the post so you can have a look at alternatives for this stitch) More Patterns Like This!
Latest Comments Isabel Gillie May 25, 2013 This beautiful Celtic Cable pattern is awesome It stands out, cables are incredible Thank you ,Kind Regards from Isabel Gillie Knitting Bee May 28, 2013 thanks!

Since then I have knitted it for the front of a sweater and I can confirm that it is definitely a 16 row pattern.
I see your blue sample and I see the white sample and I’m not able to see where is the difference.

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