Mary Hansen wanted to use a Celtic design in her Amish style quilt, so she chose one of Marsha Myrum-Thompson's big Celtic block designs for the center square. Here's a closeup of the center square so you can see the hand quilting of Marsha Myrum-Thompson's big Celtic block design better.
Kaaren Biggs of Canada made this quilt with 18 of the block designs from Philomena Durcan's first book Celtic Quilt Designs.
Here's Morning Glory, a Celtic design from Beth Ann Williams' book, Celtic Quilts: A New Look for Ancient Designs, made by Kaaren Biggs of Canada.
Kaaren Biggs also made a variation of Celtic Block #260, a pattern design by Marsha Myrum-Thompson of the Celtic Cat.
The 4th prize winner in the Predominately Applique (Amateur) category for the 2007 Quilters' Guild of New South Wales, Australia, quilt show is Celtic Windows by Beverley Hunter. Here's a close-up of the center of Knot-n-Nines, showing Celtic block #14 from Baskets: Celtic Style.

A Walk Through the Maze is a quilt pattern assembled by alternating two traditional patchwork quilt blocks, the Christmas Star and the Single Chain and Knot. This block of the month quilt is colorful, beautiful and bursting at the seams with quilted love!
Make an Ireland themed quilt with FREE Irish quilt block patterns by Laura Stone Roberts, McCall’s Quilting editor. Learn how to make quilts the Eleanor Burns way with her Quilt in a Day Books and Signature Patterns. Make Vintage Chains, a quilt pattern that’s perfect for Civil War reproduction fabrics, or any theme you choose. MARBLE FALLS — During the Marble Falls Quilt Club’s meeting in January, the planned 15-minute intermission The club is hosting the Stars of Texas 2014 Quilt Show on Feb. Teachers attended training provided by Jake Mendelssohn from the CIC in late fall and began instruction in January.

The 23rd annual quilt festival at the Grand Hotel had guests anxious to see unique art and learn how to sew a masterpiece together. Kaaren changed the loops at the top and bottom of the design to give this Celtic design a different look.
At the festival visitors could take classes and lectures to learn how to make their own quilts. The Celtic border and lattice design is called Celtic Wedding Rings (Interlace in the Round).

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