Atlanta Boston Calgary Chicago Dallas Denver London Los Angeles Minneapolis Montreal New York Portland San Francisco Seattle Toronto Vancouver Washington D.C. Specializing in all types of tattoo styles, including the hand poking tattoo technique, Bamboo Tattoo Studio in Toronto, Ontario is an award-winning studio featuring talented artists from all over the world. Bamboo Tattoo Studio has been open for over five years and takes pride in the diverse talents of their five tattoo artists. How does the hand poking method differ in quality from using the machine method?They heal much more quickly than a traditional tattoo. What is the reason that people opt for a hand poked tattoo at Bamboo Tattoo Studio in Toronto, Canada?They are very unique and interesting and have a spiritual aspect to them.

What made you interested in this tattoo technique?I saw the opportunity that existed in offering hand poked tattooing services in North America. Best advice for someone getting their first tattoo?You can go either way, hand poked or machine tattoos.
If you want a unique, spiritual experience with an exotic flair to it, try a hand poked tattoo. To book an appointment, check out artist portfolios, or leave a review for Bamboo Tattoo Studio in Ontario, Canada, be sure to check out their Member Profile. Currently the only bamboo tattooing shop located within North America, owner Todd decided to bring a spiritual and Zen-like experience to the country after experiencing the Thai tattooing method himself.

It's a nice addition to your body art, and a good way to add custom individuality to your collection. In addition there’s the fast healing component of a hand poked tattoo, and the fact that when the artist is very skilled, he can create phenomenal pieces of art that range from dotwork to Realism tattoos. What is most important it that you’ve seen an artist’s portfolio and made a decision based on the quality of their work.

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