Because the ancient Celts did not leave many written records, much of our knowledge comes from second hand sources. The triple spiral or triskele is a Celtic and pre-Celtic symbol found on a number of Irish Megalithic and Neolithic sites, most notably inside the Newgrange passage tomb, on the entrance stone, and on some of the curbstones surrounding the mound.
Believed by many to be an ancient symbol of pre-Celtic and Celtic beliefs, the triple spiral appears in various forms in pre-Celtic and Celtic art, with the earliest examples having been carved on pre-Celtic stone monuments, and later examples found in the Celtic Christian illuminated manuscripts of Insular art. Among all the tattoo designs based on traditional Celtic culture, the Celtic knot tattoos stand as the most supreme.
Although the Trinity is always associated with Christianity, it can also emblematize different emotions or non-Christian concepts.
The Celtic symbol meaning here is appropriate because this symbol stands for competition and man’s progress.
The triple spiral was possibly the precursor to the later triskele design found in the manuscripts.
In more recent history, Celtic Christians have sometimes used it to represent the Christian Trinity.

Celtic knots are designed as loops of endless paths that represent eternity and never-ending love, loyalty, faith and friendship.
However, the Celts were groups of tribal people who inhabited not only Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England but also Europe and Asia Minor. These sources brought their own understandings, beliefs, prejudices and explanations to the information they provided. Neopagan religions such as Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism and Wicca use the symbol to represent a variety of triplicities from their belief systems. Some Celtic knots were even referred as “love knots” due to the presence of multiple interwoven paths.
Celtic trinity symbol has three fish head-like triangular structure with interconnected lines having three pointy edges. They had complex and varied groups of societies and religious customs which varied widely from group to group. The predominant theme or essence of this symbol represents three separate things that are somehow interconnected with each other.

They were known as “quarrelsome”, “high-spirited” “proud” and “insolent” by some of their observers. They lack any beginnings or endings, which reminds us of the timelessness of our own spirits as well as the cycles of birth, death and rebirth that we go through in physical and non-physical realms.
Trinity tattoo can represent a variety of things as the trinity symbol may have numerous implications.
This they may have been, but they were also highly skilled artisans, miners, builders, farmers and merchants. Besides having deep symbolic meanings on their own right, these tattoos can also have a personal significance for the wearer sporting them.

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