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The next day we lay till late, went to the Mall AGAIN and in the evening we hopped onto the Dhow Cruise. That evening Richenda, Eduan and I went with a few friends to Jumeirah Beach Hotel…….girls and boys……this is stunning. After dinner we messaged the couple we met but realized later the eve that they probably have not received the message. Next stop was the Grand Hyatt Dubai where we had a stunning high tea with our new friends whom we met the previous day…….high teas are very popular in Dubai. We finished the day by going for dinner at an authentic Arabian restaurant situated just next to the creek.
The next day was my birthday……the whole week was already special as Richenda and Eduan decided everything is on them as it was my birthday week .

I woke up and saw Richenda's missing………she came back half an hour later with choc croissants, lovely choc croissants to be precise ? I was told to get dressed and was forced (HAHA) into a cab, not knowing where we were off to.
The way to get around in Dubai is by cab, and what makes it interesting is that the driver could be from any multitude of different countries (but almost certainly wont be an Emirati!). Here's a photo of Marlese and her pals at the Yalumba Hotel, enjoying an all you can eat and drink brunch.
Eduan emailed us sites with great deals on entertainment eg cobone, groupon UAE etc………you won't believe how great the deals are on these sites. On day 3 we went on our almost 2 hour drive to YAS ISLAND , Abu Dhabi for the Madonna show………. They surprised me with vouchers for every single excursion and an itinerary for every day (one of the reasons why they told me I can't buy any deals whatsoever before leaving SA for Dubai). After the Wonderbus we took them to Herschy's chocolate store (one of the places Richenda googled and we had to visit before leaving Dubai) and went for coffee at some glam coffeeplace near Herschy's.

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