Tattoos are used to represent our emotions but somewhat when people joke about them it takes a rather strange form. Tattoos have been around for thousands of years, they are currently experiencing an almost unprecedented popularity in the around the world. There has been some concern recently regarding transmittable diseases (particularly Hepatitis-B and AIDS [HIV]) and tattoo shops.
If you have seen any of the Batman films you know that getting a Joker Tattoo is a sweet deal as a movie fan.
Zaki is a geopolitics and security analyst based in Lahore, Pakistan who has a keen interest in the study of Open-Source Intelligence and Psychological Warfare. As I pointed out in one of my earlier posts, these militants are local recruits, even though their handlers are sitting in the confines of their smoothly-tiled executive rooms at Langley.
You see, these clandestine wars involving intelligence agencies vying to take the lead is an absolutely complex, dirty game.
So while looking at the image above which was sent to me by one of my readers, I was not surprised.
Tattoos such as the one above are seen on many army soldiers around the world especially those of the US and UK. This reminds me of an earlier picture from about 4 years back in which a militant killed in Swat region was found to be uncircumcised.
Again, Islamic Law makes it clear that all males are supposed to be circumcised in order to uphold the tradition on following what Abraham (peace be upon him) did.
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If you follow Islam observantly, you don’t hang pictures of anything or anybody even on the walls of your home. I really do enjoy any aspect of tattooing, from tribal to realistic, tattoo cover up ideas, from big to small.
The Chapter on Names and Letters should be studied so the beginning tattooist will learn right away the correct procedures when doing inscriptions. Sometimes, customers may show-up wanting advice in having a tattoo removed, but a little talking on your part may persuade them more towards a good cover-up than actual surgical removal. The great feathered tails of peacocks, the dark flowing hair of a Gibson girl or the draping folds of a grim reaper’s cloak are also great design ideas capable of disguising even the worst of tattoos.
With a good foundation now in what is supposed to be accomplished, the artwork itself isn’t all there is to be concerned with. The real key to doing good cover-up work is taking the time to correctly choose the right design. And, on top of all this, the design should be pleasing and acceptable to the customer, have some sort of point of interest (like a head or claw) to draw the eye away from the actual cover-up area. Rouslan Toumaniantz's tattoo parlour in Courtrai, Belgium, where Kimberley's face was tattooed'I think he didna€™t understand what I wanted. He covers the global scenario with a special emphasis on the MENA and Asia regions at large.
But we remain content knowing that sooner or later, the truth will be spilled out from official sources, some day or the other. Their ulterior motive is manipulation of geopolitics which involve both tactical and strategic plans.
In the past, especially during the Mehran base attack in Karachi, media persons were not allowed to take pictures considering the intense amount of international pressure on Pakistan Army.
America’s entire West Coast is renowned for its custom tattoo paint shops littered across California.
But when it comes to highly critical geopolitical undertakings, where Pakistan, Iran and Syria top the list, they all unite for a common cause.
In Islam, the final prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) has cursed the one who does tattooing on his body (they are haram i.e.

Just before this image got released, the TTP spokesperson claimed responsibility for the attacks. Pakistanis will and should not discount punishment and accountability of our own sell-outs who joined their ranks.
They are the same heretics who attacked the Sacred Mosque in Mecca in 1979 claiming to be upholders of Islamic Law. The military establishment has disappointed much by not making appropriate, much-needed disclosures, at least to media outlets, if not unworthy journalists like me who are nothing more than past-time bloggers for some. The shop itself is a reflection of the immensity of design sources that influence tattooing today.
This was nothing more than a mild irritation as the show was such good fun, and we were too busy rabbiting to people. Unfortunately, there are just too many tattooists around who know nothing about this and it will be their work which will come to you in need of improving, like a total cover up job.
There are a few things to be considered about the actual tattooing process of cover-ups also.
This is done in such a way that the new tattoo will totally cover over or completely hide the original tattoo. Eventually, the tattooist will use a lot of imagination to invent new designs to cleverly cover-up old ones, making each one a custom tattoo.
Just about any old design may be hidden in the shading of wings, yet the head or claws (or whatever else that might be added on) will detract the eye from the old design (now covered up) and will create a brand new tattoo. Even though Jack did a great job he gets over powered by the Dark Knight’s version of the funny villain. I ask you a simple question, readers, that if Jewish American Adam Pearlman alias ‘Adam Yahya Gadahn‘ was successful in presenting himself as an Arab militant, why is it not possible that others can follow his example? Latter includes the attack on Peshawar airport (where a few JF-17s of the PAF are also stationed as they share the runway with Civil Aviation Authority). But what I cannot believe is that some American soldier will tie a suicide vest and get ready to blow himself up. In our particular case, Pakistan’s nuclear arsenals are akin to a pot of honey around which these swarm of flies are always buzzing around. A more plausible case could be that the recruit was a convert from Europe as most Germans have infiltrated in the past too. What a dumb nut I must say, now that the photo’s released, their beliefs and practices have laid themselves bare. The same mindset was present inside the Red Mosque and today, across Pakistan, these stooges are carrying out orders issued from their masters in the US, UK and Israel.
Just because someone is in a position of superiority to another human being, is no excuse for rudeness. It is worth taking the time to show them what you can do and usually they will decide to go for a cover-up.
It is exciting because it keeps you sharp and flexible, and the mind is always being taxed to come up with good solutions that are both acceptable to the customer and meeting all the requirements to do the job correctly. For instance, obviously, an old tattoo already has plenty of ink in the skin to begin with but while tattooing another design over it, it is an easy thing to forget. This is usually done because the first design is no longer wanted and a new and better one can be placed over it.
But it is still worthwhile, especially in the learning stages, to review some traditional standards popularly used in one form or another to achieve excellent cover-up success. Fortunately for the armed forces, they failed in giving a blow yet again just as they faced humiliation during the attack on Minhas Airbase, Kamra which was carried out by Afghan commando battalions under the command of Joseph Votel.
This is where, in realistic terms, our previous reporting is confirmed that these militants are foreigners who are very cheap mercenaries-for-hire. Muslim men, especially those who claim to be doing jihad, are not supposed to have such paintings on them since they cause problems for offering regular prayers.

They have, in haste, confirmed adherence to things which have no association with Islam whatsoever.
The only positive thing coming out of this is that most names are usually done small and can be covered up fairly easily.
A good professional can take a depressed customer who is embarrassed by their tattoo and turn the mood right around with a decent cover-up.
The general rule to remember is to not overdo the shading or coloring when tattooing directly over the old design (because it must be kept to a minimum on an already saturated area). Oftentimes, crude tattoos done by mistaught tattooists eventually become uncomely eyesores to the owners and they wish to change the situation. It must have substantial dark areas, like lots of shading, to make the old tattoo disappear under it. Their mid-level subordinates are getting increasingly restless by the silence which their seniors are exhibiting since long; not because they want to hide the truth, but because they are waiting for the right time to speak up. The question here arises, why did self-proclaimed warriors of Islam adorn tattoos on their body and that too, of a skull? This is good for everyone concerned, being inexpensive for the client and a fast turnover for yourself. There is a certain amount of satisfaction gained by turning a new person out, who is proud of their new tattoo. Infact, intelligence estimates in Pakistan argued that Uzbeks are the most preferred recruits for Western intelligence agencies (MI6, CIA, BND).
I thought it was pretty apparent it was not natives we were dealing with… and Thank You for this very important article. Because covering up tattoos is an art in itself, it should be seriously studied because a goodly portion of income can be made by doing this. Being publicly dormant (with a few rare exceptions on certain occasions) has allowed the military to prepare grounds for the coming months in which major, I repeat, major transformations are going to take place in the internal dynamics of Pakistan’s administration.
One officer was even quoted as saying that recruits can literally be “bought” for as low as $300 only! Sometimes the name is within a banner or flag, and the customer might want to keep the original design, but wishes only to be rid of the name in the banner. It is surprising just how little ink is actually needed to successfully cover-up an old tattoo. Believe it, a good living can be made by covering up other tattooists’ bad mistakes, and unfortunately, there is a lot of it around to do. The military will be noticed getting above its currently passive state, having given enough time for the present setup to continue with all the democracy it wants to practice. The name can be reworked into a bunch of flowers and leaves and still maintain much of the original design. Too much ink will really spoil a new tattoo, and too much ink means too many holes in the skin and could quite possibly leave bad scar tissue.
There is no need for excessive grinding of the machine into the skin, you won’t get more ink in there, anyway. The lighter the touch, with just enough ink to do the job, is the way to get a superior looking tattoo. If a sharp eye is constantly used to see what is being developed, over-doing it won’t suddenly creep up on you and progress can be steadily monitored.

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