When I knew I would have to leave, I wanted to make sure I would always have Chicago with me in some way.
I was born and raised in the area and Chicago has always had a very special place in my heart. When you’re a little older you get your bikes and race around the area cause your parents finally let you off the block.
Going to the North Ave Beach, and meeting tons of people your age, playing football in the water, volleyball on the sand. Sitting in terrible traffic, cause everyone in Chicago thinks they are professional drivers. Taking the subway, and losing cell service, so you can’t help but stare at people or listen to their conversation.

Going to all the museums, relearning things you did when you were excited to go on a field trip back in middle school. Going to local thrift stores and realizing, some of this stuff you want might be something you have already had and donated once.
Oh, how could I forget… Chicago, the one place where get all four seasons in one day. I should add a tag expat for the Chicagoans who get a Chicago flag tattoo to remember our city when they move away. We love all sorts of Chicago-related tattoos and love interviewing the people who have them. Clearly my tattoo is not an exact picture of the skyline, but is more of a representation of all the places that hold happy memories to me.

Im lucky enough to have a family friend that’s extremely talented when it comes to tattoos, his name is Kenny Buck. My uncle used to live in Lake Point Tower, where I would watch the fireworks over the city during the summer nights. The Sears (never Willis!) tower and Hancock building always gave me the goosebumps when I drove back home from the airport whenever I visited home.

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