Chinese calligraphy is the art of writing Chinese characters, mainly using a brush pen with ink. Due to its appealing aesthetics, Chinese calligraphy naturally lends itself to use in tattoo art works. Each style of writing is in itself a form of art, commonly used in art work, advertisement and tattoos for different types of impact. Caoshu is the most artistic calligraphic style and it is faster to write than the other styles.
Even though Christmas is not such an officially important festival in China, it has become increasingly popular to celebrate Christmas with friends and family members. Good Chinese tattoos have to at least contain the correct translations with meaningful characters in Chinese. Chinese hanzi tattoos when translated corrected and designed properly, can make an already attractive person more attractive. However, what some celebrities have inked on their skin does suggest that not all of them did they homework before getting an exotic Chinese character tattoo design. While the audience is enthralled by Stephen Amell’s sexy look and hot muscular body for the role as the super hero, the Chinese audience is very much puzzled by the four Chinese characters on the right side of his torso. Whether it’s the fact that the designs are in the Chinese equivalent of Times New Roman (boring!) or worse the fact that the designs are mostly always wrong, there are plenty of reasons why you should avoid getting a Chinese tattoo inked on your body.
The first and third designs are for the character in simplified Chinese whereas the second design above is in traditional Chinese. Very frequently in Chinese, two characters which mean the same thing are combined to form a word which also means the same thing. Chinese hanzi tattoos are becoming more and more popular with western celebrities, from movie to sport stars. The famous English soccer player David Beckham has more than 10 different tattoos on his body. The Daily Mail published an article at the beginning of 2012 about how David’s obsession has grown over the years.
In other words, it means life, death, riches and honor have all been determined by something else. Click here to get the designs for this one word character as well as the right expressions for strength. One of the most successful American rappers, singers and songwriters Nicki Minaj has a Chinese hanzi tattoo on her left arm. Two of the most famous NBA basketball players Larry Hughes and Allen Iverson have the same Chinese character inked on them. Whether or not you are a fan of these celebrities, wouldn’t you agree that their Chinese tattoos look great? The only limitation an individual has when it comes to the tattoo art they have inked on their body is their own imagination, the ability of the tattoo artist they hire and their access to images of possible tattoos. Chinese Tattoos are generally available in two types, picture and script (Chinese characters or symbols).

It is very important that individuals perform their own due diligence after deciding to get a script tattoo to ensure that it actually says what they intend it to.
The different styles of Chinese calligraphy depend on how the brush pen is held, how it is moved, the structure and the composition of the character and the type of ink used. Moreover, the writing styles have to be aesthetically pleasing so that the tattoos do not appear to be some baby’s scribbles. While some of these tattoos are personal, some of them contain very common words, expressions and sentences which are also included in my Chinese tattoo books.
The five Chinese characters on the lady’s back mean that cherry blossoms in cold weathers do not exhibit their fragrances in the winter. Chinese tattoos go back so many years that many reference texts provide an estimate that tattooing in China has been practiced since the Zhou and Qing dynasties.
The main character Oliver Queen, a billionaire playboy who moonlights as a crime-fighting vigilante looking to clean up the streets of Starling City, is played by Stephen Amell. The makeup artist for the show definitely thought a Chinese tattoo can increased the masculinity of the main character. Simplified Chinese is commonly used in mainland China whereas traditional Chinese is widely used in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau. This tattoo would be best for someone who wants to capture that special feeling for your partner.
It is a tattoo of a Chinese proverb which means “Death and life have determined appointments. To find out more about Chinese character designs, read our other articles or take a look at our book.
One type of tattoo that has become pretty popular, having graced the bodies of both celebrities and laymen alike, are Chinese tattoos. The former might include Chinese inspired images or those that are considered to be uniquely Chinese. There have been cases where a tattoo artist has inked a client in Chinese script, something other than what the customer wanted, unbeknownst to them at that time. Famous Caoshu calligraphers are: Zhang Xu and Huai Su from Tang Dynasty, Huang Tingjian from Song Dynasty, Zhu Yunming from Ming Dynasty and Mao Zedong in Modern China.
It is a great commercial opportunity for restaurants in China on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day whereas people tend to eat at home in the West.
Unfortunately, this Chinese tattoo seems to consist of a bunch of random characters “????” which do not make sense when put together. Has everyone suddenly started learning Chinese or discovered that their ancestors came from China? However, it is also very common to use traditional Chinese characters in mainland China, especially for artistic reasons.
For pessimistic people, the proverb implies that there is no need to work hard or change our circumstances given that life is pre-determined.
However, it is normally combined with one or more other characters which also mean loyalty, faithfulness.

Below, we will take a closer look at Chinese tattoos, namely what they are, why and how to choose one. The latter (script or character images) are words made up of Chinese script (also known as hanzi or kanji).
Moreover, Christmas is deemed to be romantic among young people and therefore they like to spend this day with their love ones and give each other presents. Their main purpose is to represent a particular type of significance, message or form of communication that has a meaning in someone’s life, relates to his origin, culture or religion. The answer is much more straightforward – the simple fact is that Chinese characters have an inherent elegance, because they convey a lot of meaning in just one symbol.
One way of expressing it is to get a hanzi tattoo for love to remind ourselves of the meaning of love and the special bond we have to that person. It is a very popular tattoo choice as the Chinese character itself is very elegant and it sends out a very strong message. However, you can only use ? on its own to mean love in general and the combined word ?? to mean romantic love.
In contrast, for optimistic people the proverb implies that we often cannot change our circumstances and the environment that we live in, we can however still live a meaningful life and appreciate what we have got. This is especially true if the actual word is a nonsensical or profane one (if the person did not intend it to be).
Because of its regular and simple style, the invention of Lishu greatly improved the efficiency of written communication in the old days.
Famous Kaishu calligraphers are Yan Zhenqing and Liu Gongquan from the Tang Dynasty and Zhao Mengfu from the Yuan Dynasty. Even though the history of tattoos in China incorporates this same cultural underpinning and purpose commonly established with tattoos, the historic genesis of this practice differentiates itself when compared to the history of tattoos from other nations around the world in terms of significance, meaning and modern perspective. I almost want to say yes, because to me it seems grossly negligent to use Google translate or other automatic translation tools to get a tattoo design.
Having it inked on you can express your understanding of the idea of love – to love the others and to be loved. While the one word character might appear neat and nice, it is preferable to use the two-character words to express strength. Copying a random design you found on some random website is just as bad and might simply perpetuate the mistakes other people made before you.
Ah yes, of course there are the infamous Chinese tattoo catalogues at your favourite tatttoo artist. The trouble is, though, there is no way of telling whether their contents are in fact accurate or have been chosen by a native speaker.

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