Chinese illustrator and comic artist Xiao Bai has a superb portrait illustration style as shown in the following samples. She has studied traditional Chinese painting since a young age and also works as a tattoo artist – with many of her female portraits brandishing tattoos. Using Flash, he presents visitors to his site with a short landscape, inspired by traditional oriental watercolour-scapes, devoid of colour except for red buttons to reveal more information . His work covers a broad spectrum of media from paintings, installation work (including sound) to moving image.
RED, a new book to be published on September 9 by Jonathan Cape, documents the passion, energy and fanaticism of the Cultural Revolution, as well as the destruction and confusion that it brought to the country. The book features a collection of photographs, ephemera and paintings, sourced by art historian and curator Jiang Jiehong. We’re loving the Camper Bike by Kevin Cyr, a functioning sculptural piece, built in April 2008. Previously posted Origamu creator Mu Pan took part in Scion Space‚Äôs Giant Robot curated recent Papershapers show. Brookyn-based Mu Pan took the theme of historical and mythological characters from his paintings and had them take over the Scion Space.
Bien qu’il existe une multitude de styles de tatouage et de modeles de tatouage, certains dessins sont devenus des classiques du tatouage, parfois dans le monde entier. Le tatouage dragon, est de plus en plus frequent de nos jours, mais pourquoi tant d’engouement pour ces creatures mythiques ? Mais avant de vous precipiter pour obtenir votre tatouage de dragon, vous devriez vous familiariser avec les grandes lignes de l’histoire des dragons.

Puis, par la suite, connaitre quelques signes distinctifs de quelques-unes de ces creatures et ainsi determiner lequel represente la conception du tatouage dragon le mieux appropriee a vos caracteristiques. C’est ce que nous vous proposons de voir et de comprendre dans notre dossier consacre au modele de tatouage dragon. Tout d’abord, il faut savoir que les dragons sont des creatures mythiques, voir folklorique.
Leur origine est indeterminable, representees comme des sortes de gigantesques reptiles ecailleux, ils sont, en general, capable de voler et cracher du feu !
Dans la mythologie grecque, celtique et nordique, bon nombres de heros ont du les combattre pour retablir l’ordre sur Terre ! Leurs attributs physiques et symboliques ne different que de facon minime entre ces civilisations. Il ne faut surtout pas negliger les couleurs dans le tatouage dragon, qui ne sont pas seulement la, pour l’esthetisme ! Pour un tatouage homme, un tatouage dragon peut signifier la puissance brute, mais aussi la sagesse. Comme les dragons, les hommes sont les gardiens de ce qui est sacre, comme les femmes et les objets de grande valeur.
Vous trouverez egalement des rencontres et des interviews avec quelques uns des plus grands artistes tatoueurs, qu'ils soient francais ou etrangers, tres connus ou moins. One minute you’re looking down on a shadow teasing realistically animated koi carp and the next you facing a profile of a child observing fluttering butterflies. So’s work centres around his Identity as a British born man of Chinese descent and he takes a look at the duality of this diaspora and through his creativity, is trying to convey this as one cohesive whole using his Buddhist practice as the pivot.

If you happen to be in Bristol for Chinese New Year in 2011, then he’ll have a solo show worth popping into. Having a permanent home is one thing, but the idea of being able to move all your belongings around as you travel is liberating. For voyeurs captivated by the creative interiors of interesting people, Todd Selby captures these spaces with photos, paintings and videos. The variety of viewpoints adds to the aesthetic presentation of the gloriously intricate interface, completed with a synthetic watery reveal of each segment.
Decouvrez pourquoi ce modele de tattoo est devenu un incontournable du tatouage classique et moderne. Les dragons a 4 griffes sont des dragons plus feminins tandis que ceux qui n’arborent que 3 griffes sont qualifies de dragon guerrier. Japanese and Chinese dragons are benevolent creatures, while Western dragons are usually evil.
The most popular dragon tattoo designs are Chinese dragon tattoos and tribal dragon tattoos (Angelina Jolie has got a small dragon tattoo).

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