The history of having a Chinese symbol tattoos can be dated back to the Han Dynasty when astrology and philosophy played an important role in everyday life. The more common symbols are heart, sin, forgive, God, trust, kind, longevity, pray and passion.
The Chinese symbol family tattoos are built-in their culture to represent positive forces of one’s good fortune. There are ways people may use a Chinese symbol family and Chinese symbols for names tattoos which would have a deep personal meaning would show their families name is by spelling out the person’s name with the Chinese alphabet. There are 222 readers and enthusiasts have rated this Chinese Symbol Tattoos: Find Your Meaning which is a part of Tattoo Ideas. Boyfriend Name Tattoo Ideas: Brilliant Concept to Let Others Know Your Qualified RelationshipMaintaining personal relationship through tattoo can direct you to long-lasting mutual bond.
Determining a tattoo location to let others know that you have a good relationship with your boyfriend is a good way to prevent other girls encroach your relationship. Front Shoulder Tattoos for WomenWhatever the designs and meaning of the front shoulder tattoos for women preferred by you, get ready because the painful thing will come to you. Tribal Tattoos for Men and Their MeaningsIn fact, tattoos have also travel to other parts of the world, such as Africa, Australia, Europe and even New Zealand.
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The Chinese believe that the principles and concepts of yin and yang correlate with the Luni-Solar calendar and the theory of the five elements.
The person who decides on having a family tattoo will know the meaning behind the family name and will find that it rewarding as a piece of art. The symbols, characters and letters with different fonts can be tattooed on individuals usually correlate with the word family. In addition, to expose that you are his girlfriend, you can have his name tattooed on your foot. People who have Chinese heritage and westerners are having Chinese symbol tattoos as a way to express who they are as an individual. However, the Chinese culture rich history of tattooing many people used tattoos to ward off evil spirits.
Of course it also depends on the person who is getting the tattoo, where the tattoo is located and the meaning to create an original. The main reason why most people get a tattoo is mainly to express themselves and their true nature through art. The Chinese astrology, the five elements, the zodiac signs, and animals all have symbolic meaning. They include the symbols or characters of magic, pure love, lover, true love, unity, patriotic, dreamer, wife, husband, seeker, soul, and many other unique ones.
Later in the 20th century tattoos are worn by individual that have a special meaning for their family member to express love, spiritual connection and respect. In the past it was common for men to receive a tattoo with a women’s name to represent or express their love or love forever along with a symbol to show pride and loyalty.

The plane crash and fire left not just emotional scars, but it also left physical scars too. The Chinese language has more than a thousand characters and people often choose to sport them for their inherent meanings as well as their beauty.
The characters or symbols used by tattoo artist for specific Chinese Proverbs, names of loved one, and family require a deeper meaning.
The actual symbol or word family is usually tattooed in a unique way by the personal who has decided to express how important family is to them. The Chinese symbols, characters and letters are not only used by the Chinese but many westerners are finding that their meaning of symbols have a connection to be spiritual. More and more celebs are nowadays choosing to sport Chinese tattoos which have contributed to their rising popularity.
Common tattoos symbols or the word family correlate with the symbol of a tree or tree of life using the individual member’s initial on the branches, the word family used with the infinity symbol, the first names of each member in the family done in unique colors in a circular shape.
Some of the most popular Chinese tattoo designs are the dragon symbol, which can be done in various sizes and color patterns. Other well known Chinese characters may be used to symbolize meanings such as “good luck”, “happiness”, “passion”, “power”, “wisdom”, “peace” and “beauty”.

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