TweetMany people throughout the world are fascinated by Chinese culture, and some choose to get Chinese tattoos that reflect the Chinese culture or style of art work.
If you are considering getting a Chinese tattoo, whether it be an image or a character, check out some of these images for inspiration! Chinese writing at the top, accompanied by attractive women sporting weapons and symbols of communism, give thi Chinese tattoo the impression of being political. This Chinese writing tattoo is accented by swirls of black and red, with small rose blooms. A small dragon located inside the sun is a reflection of two images important to the Chinese culture.
The garments that this man wears appear to be symbolic of all of China and its civilizations. The Asian dragon has captured the fancy of people throughout the world with its amazing success story in terms of economic growth. Forming a trail of Chinese characters in the middle of the back, this design has an aesthetic appeal. Freedom is as light and relieving as this feather that is resting with the red Chinese symbols on the arm.
This hand tattoo design displaying a proper line written in Chinese arouses interest in the script. Fear is a man’s greatest enemy and this tattoo exhorts you to overcome it and come out with flying colors.
The Chinese letters have an artistic look that makes them a beautiful tattoo design even when carved in plain black ink. These three Chinese characters lying in a neat fashion on the inside of the forearm look fancy. The Chinese characters stand for family, friends and happiness and look amazing with the pretty flowers. This red Chinese symbol on the biceps of this young lad symbolises protection and security. Small and colorful, these three Chinese characters carved on chest in red and green have a cute look. These Chinese characters stand for true woman who is an affirmation in the potential of the fairer sex. The Chinese letters have a clean and curvy design which sets them apart from other scripts in a striking manner.
The Chinese letters are worn for their aesthetic and gorgeous look which is very much clear here. This single Chinese symbol means strength and has a similar sharp and catchy look that enthrall the onlookers. Names of wife and children carved below the love symbol in Chinese have an emotional appeal. Carved on the calf, this symbol stands for harmony, which is what we need most in our life.

The girl has found her soul mate and this tattoo is in consonance with what her feelings are right now.
Chinese symbols for winter and strength carved with flowers symbolise the beauty of seasons despite their severity. The tattoo artist poses with her piece of work and seems to be pretty satisfied with the result.
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Choose from the amazing Chinese tattoos presented in this site to give yourself a striking makeover. Enigmatic, intriguing and visually appealing in its nature, the Chinese art of tattooing is highly appreciated by the Western world, where it enjoys great popularity and exposure. Chinese tattoo letters encompass a wide range of symbolic meanings, and with so many characters available out there, the task of choosing the ones that are right for you can be daunting. Kanji, the other prevalent dialect used in Chinese tattoos, refers to a collection of Chinese characters that have penetrated in the Japanese writing system. To form an idea about the complexity of Chinese letters, note that apart from the huge number of letters, each combination offers a distinctive meaning. MoreThe secret significance behind Chinese tattoos The legend of the Koi fish The Good vs. Instead of writing out a word using letters as we do in English, each word has a different, unique symbol in Chinese. What many don’t consider is that legends of fairies go back hundreds of years, if not longer.
The only thing is that if you have one of them you will almost always have to tell someone what yours means, because very few people are going to know.
Globalization has brought people closer to this secretive land and they are taking interest in the art and culture of the Chinese which is evident in the decorative pieces sold in the international markets. Since, the script is pictorial in nature the tattoos look beautiful and artistic which is generally not the case with other scripts. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world.
A particular interest can be observed towards Chinese tattoo lettering, commonly used to achieve the distinctive aura of exoticism and mystery characteristic to Asian culture. To simplify things, it is best to have the general idea already contoured in your mind before walking into the tattoo salon. Hanzi denotes all the traditional Chinese characters found in the official written dialect of Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan. Comprising well over 50,000 simplified traditional Chinese characters, Kanji stands out as a good source of symbols used in today’s Chinese tattoos. To leave no room for error, it is very important to find a good translation source before getting a Chinese lettering tattoo. Evil Antagonism Reflected in Dragon Tattoos Variations and Meanings Japanese Dragon TattoosThe mystic side of butterfly tattoosBe trendy with an ankle tattoo for men!

In contrast with Western cultures, Chinese dragons are thought to be good omens and have domain over the elements of air and water. Because the intricacies of Chinese writing are so detailed and difficult to master, it is a good idea to get any ideas for Chinese writing tattoos double-checked by a professional or native speaker.
These small, human-like creatures are often said to symbolize a love and respect for nature. But you have to figure that if you have a tattoo that people are constantly asking you about, then you probably have a tattoo that has gotten a lot of interest and there’s nothing wrong with that. Mostly, people get their names or the name of their loved ones carved on their body parts but motivational words and phrases are also very popular. It seems that few people can resist Chinese letters when contemplating the idea of getting a tattoo – from famous musicians and movie stars to the person living next door to you, these graphic representations are at the very top of the tattoo option list. Take the time to identify what emotions, thoughts or feelings you want to express by the means of your tattoo and stick with the things you think that define you best. The dialect contains a staggering number of 47,000 characters, although many of them are not being used today. Without proper knowledge of the dialects used, you may end up with a tattoo that means a completely different thing than intended, and realize it is too late to do anything about it at that point. Tattoo making has also received its fair share of Chinese influence and the Chinese writing tattoos are a hit now with people from all nationalities. Here we will take a deeper look at the different sides of Chinese writing tattoos through these 30 samples so that you get a better idea about all that you can get if you plan to have these Chinese writing tattoos as style statement at some point in your life. The Chinese language has more than a thousand characters and people often choose to sport them for their inherent meanings as well as their beauty. To have a good level of knowledge of the Hanzi dialect, you need to master at least 4000 Chinese characters.
To avoid this, don’t make that final step of having the tattoo done until you are 100% sure you are getting what you asked for. These days, you can easily find an American with a tattoo that has his name or any other word carved in Chinese. More and more celebs are nowadays choosing to sport Chinese tattoos which have contributed to their rising popularity. Some of the most popular Chinese tattoo designs are the dragon symbol, which can be done in various sizes and color patterns.
Other well known Chinese characters may be used to symbolize meanings such as “good luck”, “happiness”, “passion”, “power”, “wisdom”, “peace” and “beauty”.

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