At first glance Jesus tattoos seem like a simple subject.  Most galleries are full of flash of portraits of Jesus and in fact those are probably the most popular Jesus tattoos. A fuller body version of these Jesus tattoos illustrates Jesus from the waist up enabling the tattoo artist to include the sacred heart of Jesus in the design.  This design also offers the opportunity to add embellishments such as robes, possibly a rosary, and a better view of the hair. Tribal art is starting to find its way into Jesus tattoos and some rather beautiful work is out there.  One of the most remarkable designs is to spell out the word “Jesus” in tribal curvature design.

The full meaning of all the letters together is something close to this, Jesus, Son of God, Our Savior.  This is why we see the letters IXOYE inside the fish symbol.
IXOYE is a symbol for fish but also is a symbol for the phrase above; very symbolic and very meaningful.

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