Tattoos, the new shiz of the modern world has taken over all objects of personification and has made it into art form with the most basic of the elements we see every day. The hip of tattoo has become so knowledgeable and broad at this point that the mastery of this art has led to a level where the dimensions collage to form an awesome piece of art work much like this 3D tattoo done to precision. What started with quotes and flowers now has been made into a bigger phenomenon by incorporating as simple as a bedside clock to portray an inner meaning.
The old numerals give off a by-gone era feeling while the clicking hands predict the passing of time.
This is a fresh concept with add-ons like the dragonfly in the middle or the satin ribbon to make the background look more filled and busy.

Taken from that concept this is a classic olden day watch with its same characteristics but much like anything the distortion on the sides, the unclear dials has left us to think nothing ever stands forever.
There are tattoos which are done put of sheer desire to get one done for example maybe a quote or a flower and then there are people who are connected to their tattoos much like this classic ones.
However the greatness of the tattoo has skillfully enough been formed by the brilliant shading. Each of our tattooers is an accomplished professional that is committed to the art and craft of tattooing. We provide tattooing in a wide range of styles (black and grey tattoos, portrait tattoos, traditional American tattoos, traditional Japanese tattoos, full color tattoos, custom tattoos, lettering tattoos, Polynesian tribal, etc.).

You can view our portfolio here online, but we encourage everyone to see the shop in person and meet the tattooers so you can make an informed decision about your next tattoo. We believe that your business should be earned by setting the benchmark for quality craftsmanship- not through deals, discounts and gimmicks. If you are interested in getting the highest quality tattoos, visit Lucky Devil Tattoo in Colorado Springs.

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