This awesome piece was inked by super-talented Tim Kern (his MySpace page) while at the Last Rites tattoo shop.
Introducing a revolutionary new way to create beautiful custom Celtic Knotwork tattoos on your computer! In the armband example above, for instance, you could easily add more repeats of the pattern just by copying and pasting a piece of the design. Since it was created by typing text, rather than drawing a graphic, this is easy for anyone to do in any word-processing program that you already have on your computer. If you prefer to order by phone, you may call us at (707) 774-1369 (9am to 9pm Pacific Standard Time). Explore the myriad ways in which you can express your individuality by creating a custom tattoo design!

The interlaced cords of knotwork can symbolize a relationship - two interwoven strands for love, marriage or friendship, 3 or more for family.
We will continue to add content to this page including photos of tattoos made with the Celtic Knot Font! De un tiempo para aca se han hecho hasta programas de television en donde tatuajes horribles han sido recuperados por tatuadores que realmente saben lo que estan haciendo. Entre los tatuajes mas feos siempre estan las de letras chinas que las personas por no hacer la investigacion previa necesaria terminan haciendose tatuajes con significados que nada tenian que ver con su intencion inicial. Es super importante saber de donde vienen estos caracteres chinos y cual es su verdadero significado antes de hacerse un tatuaje permanente.
Es por eso que hoy compartimos algunos de los sitios y las imagenes en donde puedes encontrar las mejores letras chinas y su significado para que puedas llevarlo al tatuador y hacerte algo muy bueno.

He was kind enough to share the photo, but has requested that folks create their own designs with the Font and not copy this one for their own tattoos. You will receive an email within a few minutes with a link to a secure download site to get your font.
The concepts of eternity and the connectedness of all life are expressed in the path of the knots, which follow twists and turns and return again to their beginning. Para ver los significados que estan en las imagenes de este post debe agrandarla, ya que tiene una excelente resolucion.

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