Getting a writing tattoo design usually means that a person wants to get either a name, quote or famous book passage inked into their skin. When getting writing tattoos you have to make a few important decisions first and also do your homework. The first thing that a person who wants to get a writing tattoo needs to think about is what language they want to use.
Another thing that a person must consider before getting a writing tattoo is what they want it to say.

Writing tattoos have been done in just about every human language, including dead languages.
This is probably due to the many celebrities who have embraced writing tattoos and added them to their personal tattoo collections. Some of the more popular languages used nowadays include English, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Gaelic and French.
Do you want to get the name of a loved one or celebrity or something simple like a your girlfriends initials?

Writing tattoos can make for some impressive statements and it is pretty easy to see why they are booming in popularity.

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