Enjoy a lovely “Arcadia” like setting, but with features seldom found in this price range or location.
Detail abounds here: from the Professional, attached Home office or Studio, to the Generous and charming Master Suite upstairs, this home offers a luxury Setting equally comfortable with Black-Tie or Blue Jeans!. On the ground floor of our Greek country house could see the dining room, sitting room, kitchen as a separate room and toilets for visitors. Here the country home design with futuristic shape in Canada.This house use traditional concept but besides that this house has unique roof shape design. Design Interior French Country Fresh Cream Wall Dining Room-French Country Interior Design [Gallery].

Setting the Mood: Sometimes rustic and often cozy, country French kitchens have a timeless and natural appearance. With natural materials and earth tones foremost in the color palette, a country French kitchen design creates the perfect environment for comfortable living and authentic cooking. Wide-planked wood floors, antique brass hardware, stoneware, terracotta, wrought iron, fabric, and copper all contribute to the authentic atmosphere of the French country lifestyle.
Cooking utensils, pots, and pans are often displayed for both visual appeal and easy access. Enliven the decor with fabrics, flowers, fruit, bread, and wine out on display in baskets, open shelves, or on the countertop.

For an authentic look, paint walls, cabinets, and paneling with Impressionistic colors including lavender, cobalt blue, and antique white. In lieu of glossy polished countertops, consider using honed granite or marble which has a more earthy satin appearance. If you enjoy the character and beauty of these kitchens, you may want to take a look at the galleries of country, cottage, rustic, and Tuscan kitchens as well.

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