Lower-back tattoos (pejoratively referred to as tramp stamps are a form of body art that became popular among women.
This client came in with a horrible kitchen magician tattoo on her lower back that needed to be covered. None can be used for any purpose whatsoever without written permission from TattooNOW and the tattoo artist. Flyaway Birds – Back PieceBirds are another incredibly trendy tattoo idea that women absolutely adore.
These small, feminine birds adorn the entire upper half of her back, leaving her with a gorgeous and super stylish piece that is dainty and cute.3. It’s a classic and it¬†always¬†looks good- especially in this particular back shoulder position. We love the detail of this skull and the large red rose gives it a bit of sexy feminine pizazz.
The flower is flirty and fun and the little splash of swiveled lines and details really bring this tattoo together wonderfully. It’s a simple, yet highly detailed gothic inspired cross placed directly on the spine. Lock and Key – Rib PieceOkay, what girl doesn’t love a good old fashion lock and key? Located on the ribs and polished off with a meaningful quote, this lovely tat is as flirty as it is completely sexy.10. Colorful Feather – Side PieceFeathers are another one of those 2014 must-have tattoos.
We love this feather tattoo because it’s bursting with colors and covers the entire side.
Maori – Side PieceMaori are very popular tattoos showcasing a distinct set of patterns with bold lines and plenty of details.
We love this side piece because it interlocks with the chest as well as the stomach with a gorgeous blend of maori patterns and fabulous florals.13. We absolutely adore this shoulder sugar skull because it’s bursting with wonderful colors and has a feminine flare!14. There’s nothing not to love about this tattoo- from the incredible detailing to the glorious touch of blue coloring on the flower.

And while most people will sport the traditional Japanese script letters, you can up the ante with a gorgeous Geisha tattoo such as this one. The detailing is fantastic and, just as a Geisha would be, is utterly feminine and fantastic.18.
Haida – Back PieceAlthough less popular than other tattoo designs, Haido tattoos have an interesting style that many people are drawn to. Indigenous inspired, Haida tattoos are extremely complex and feature bold lines and even bolder colors for an intricate masterpiece.20. For one, it combines a beautiful, bold star with a unique quote going directly down the spine. It’s completed with a set of gorgeously detailed wings that are sexy and stunning all in one. Snake – Leg PieceMy fellow amphibian lovers, I introduce you to the absolute sexiest snake tattoo on planet earth.
This ferocious beast is wrapped delicately and seductively around her entire leg, creating a deceiving, devilish, and downright exotic tattoo design.23. Moon and Sun – Back Shoulder PieceWhy settle for a moon OR a sun tattoo when you can have both?
This exquisite design combines the best of both worlds for a seriously detailed and extravagant back shoulder piece.24.
Covering her entire back, this design is definitely for the bolder at heart who love large, eye catching ink that kills.27.
But when you throw in some stars and a few swiveled lines, you have a foot tattoo that is unbelievably stylish and totally cute.28.
Tribal – Lower Back PieceWhen it comes to a lower back piece, the options are limitless and almost anything looks good. But we especially adore this tribal inspired back piece with bold lines that are eye catching and alluring.29. It’s a gorgeous masterpiece that takes your ordinary owl tattoo to an all new, unimaginable. Leopard Print – Neck TattooThe leopard print trend is becoming incredibly popular, and we love the idea plus the location of this particular leopard inspired tattoo. But this colorful set of wings is anything but dark and has plenty of fun and flirty attitude that rocks!32.

Not only is the design incredibly cool and desirable, but the location is sexy and very unique.
It’s as real as it could possibly get, and we love the combination of beautiful, perky pink with the dark brown branches. This outstanding butterfly tattoo combines magnificent colors in a breathtaking design that can’t be ignored.
For my super-feminine gals out there who want to sport an uber flirty and fabulous tat, we highly recommend this gorgeous lacy bow in the dead center of your upper back!42.
We love this particular music inspired arm piece because there’s plenty of detail and it looks absolutely majestic!43. It’s simply marvelous and we love all of the extra effects such as the flowers and petals. Quotes & Flowers – Arm PieceWhy have a quote piece and a flower piece in two separate locations when you can interlock them in a beautiful and meaning design like this one? Combine the two and you have a lovely piece that is enticing to look at and looks wonderful against the skin.46. Crown – Front Shoulder PieceWhy settle for a little princess crown when you can be the queen?
Wings – Back PieceWe showed you colorful and flirty wings- now, of course, we have to show you these gothic inspired black wings.
These gorgeous, enticing wings have a touch of the dark side but are rather majestic on their own.
This alluring mermaid tattoo is incredibly seductive and its beauty surpasses anything we could have ever imagined.49. This gorgeous, fierce Phoenix has an enormous amount of detail, and the dark red feather lining completes this majestic piece wonderfully.
We also adore the placement of the bird, which almost looks as if it’s about to take off.

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