New Delhi: The country of India has seen new colors of film, television and media activities in North India after the setup of Noida Film City by Sandeep Marwah. New Delhi: A powerful social organization based in Nigeria organized a seminar c** talk for all those Nigerians and Africans based in India and looking for job opportunities in different industries. If you liked these easy summer nail art designs, make sure you check out 13 205 Spring Nail Designs, 40 Easy Nail Designs You Can Try on Any Day, and 5 Easy Nail Designs You Can Do on Your Own! Popular collar bone tattoo designs for women seem to be birds, single words, quotes, and stars. If you’re considering a micro tattoo for yourself, there are several great designs you can choose from. You can still wear feminine shades of pink on your tips without it looking old fashioned and boring. If you’re looking for a unique key tattoo design for yourself, take a look at these key tattoos for a little inspiration! If you’re looking for ideas for your own colorful nail art, take a look at these awesome colorful nail art designs! Despite using just two colors, black and white nail art designs can still be gorgeous and creative. Check out some of these modern and trendy yellow nail art designs for a little inspiration!
If you’re ready to dip your toes into the lip art pool, take a look at some of these amazing lip art designs. That is a time-consuming complicated process that can be one of the most daunting and stressful events of your life. These include long gray haircuts as well as short gray hairstyles and everything in between.
Many collar bone tattoos follow the line of the collar bone, but some designs may go over it. Because they are so small, these types of tattoos are generally very simple, with few fine details. They also have quite an interesting and unique design to them and can be created in a myriad of different color combinations.
All of the colors of the rainbow can go into some colorful nail art, and every color in between. Some may prefer detailed and realistic portraits of the artist’s face, while others may want something a little simpler, like the interesting symbol that the artist adopted for his name in the 90’s. Artistic images splashed across the lips may not be mainstream or even practical, but they sure are gorgeous to look at. Most of them are also pretty doable for most women, even if they only last a little while… 1. It can annoy you badly as you will have to face lots of hassles, unwanted issues and some tedious tasks in the process of home or residential relocation. We respect the work of others, that is why we always try to put a link to the source where images were found. Long, pointy acrylic nails are generally stronger than natural nails with the same shape, which is why many woman opt for acrylics when choosing this shape.
Many women choose short haircuts for gray hair, because these styles are easier to take care of. You can also add just about any design from basic lines and shapes to more complex summer-themed images.
Simple micro tattoos are often plain black minimalist tattoos, but colored micro tattoos do exist.
Probably the easiest way to create fishnet nail art is by using a nail art stamper with a fishnet design plate. Finger Key Tattoo A small finger key tattoo is a cute and inconspicuous tattoo design for someone looking for something subtle. Just pant blocks of different colors and add some black stitching details where the colors meet. Spiral Tie-Dye Nails If you’re on the hunt for some colorful nail art, you really can’t go wrong with these awesome tie-dye nails!
Puzzle Piece Nails Contrasting black and white colors are great for creating some interesting puzzle piece nails! Although they haven’t quite made it to the mainstream just yet, dyed beards are creeping up there.
Chevron Yellow Nail Art Chevron nail art designs are super trendy right now, and these interesting chevron designs on yellow nails are cute and perky and perfect for summer!
Some people, however, prefer to have more unique and creative yin and yang tattoo designs, like the ones featured below… 1.
Symbols and images from his songs, like doves and purple rain might also be popular subjects for Prince tattoos.
Prince Tongue Tattoo Here’s an awesome Prince portrait tattoo featuring his signature sultry gaze. Simple Heart Lip Art Lip art designs don’t have to be difficult and complex, as you can see by this cute and simple heart lip art.
They have a slightly edgier look than traditional nail shapes, like rounded nails or square nails. White and Silver Stiletto Nails Some silver accents add a glamorous touch to these white stiletto nails.
To pull off this look, paint your nails with a white base, and thin nail brushes to create stripes. Take a look at these adorable panda nails for a little inspiration for your own panda nail art designs! Whale Micro Tattoo It’s pretty awesome seeing something so large scaled down to something so small in a micro tattoo design! However, fishnet nail art can also be painted freehand or added with thin nail striping tape. Gradient Gray Fishnet Nails A gray to black gradient makes an awesome background for some black fishnet nails! Keys shaped as hearts are also quite popular, especially with women, and some key tattoo designs even include heart shaped locks.
You can also use different shapes on your patchwork nails, like hearts, triangles, and circles. Tidal Wave Beard Surf’s up, and the perfect accompaniment to catching some waves is this awesome yet weird beard! It may just be a matter of time before seeing a blue, green, red, or even pink or purple beard on the street is commonplace!
Rainbow Dyed Beard This colorful dyed beard makes me wonder if this guy really did taste the rainbow! Hand Yin and Yang Tattoo Two hands forming the different halves of the yin and yang symbol definitely make for a unique and different tattoo design.
Black and Yellow Stripe Marble Nails Black and yellow marbled nails with thin stripes make a fun and unique bee nail art design. Long Straight Gray Hairstyle A lot of people think that gray hair means short hair, but long gray hairstyles can look pretty amazing too! You can also place several strips of nail art striping tape on your nails and carefully paint a different color between them. Collar bone tattoos can be used to accentuate this area, make a statement, or honor a strong belief. Bird and Branch With Pink Flowers Birds perched on a branch with pink flowers just under the collar bone add a delicate, feminine touch. Pink Chevron Nails Chevron nail designs are hip and trendy right now, and this cute pink nail design is also feminine and sweet!
Embellishments like rhinestones and nail art studs can also add some nice pizzazz to your fishnet design! Patchwork nail art designs also look pretty spectacular with added details, like polka dots or stripes, added to the different patches of color.
Sketched Heart Tattoo This anatomical heart tattoo looks like a sketch straight out of an old fashioned medical textbook or journal.
Colorful Buggy Mani Colorful nail tips work wonderfully with a few cute bug and flower designs for a perfect and perky summer manicure! Studded Splatter Nails This black and white nail art design with artistic splatters is even more awesome with a line of matching nail studs! Yellow and Black Almond Nails Almond shaped nails get an instant modern lift with some yellow and black negative space nail designs! Microbead Lip Art Colorful edible microbeads can be used to easily create some pretty simple but eye catching lip art designs!
Lace Stiletto Nails Lace accent nails add a sweet and soft touch to these pointy stiletto nails!
The designs may look complex at first glance, but if you look a little closer, you’ll see that they’re really very easy nail art designs to pull off! Like the human canvases they’re inked on, though, collar bone tattoo designs are always unique.
Fly Micro Tattoo I wonder how many people try to sway at the fly on this person’s arm… Image Source 3. Black Tipped Fishnet Nail Design Figuring out how to end a fishnet nail art design can be a bit tricky, but this black tipped design nailed it! Pink Patchwork Nail Art Pink patchwork nail art with hearts is a great option when you’re feeling girly and feminine! Trail of Tears Beard I’m not quite sure what to call this one, but Trail of Tears seems appropriate here.
Red, White, and Blue Beard There’s really very little question about this guy’s patriotism! Landscape and Space Yin and Yang Here’s a pretty awesome dotwork yin and yang tattoo design with an earth landscape in one half and a more celestial landscape in the other – two sides to one coin! Striped Bee Nail Art Wide black and yellow stripes running across the nails makes for some simple and bold summer bee nail art, and the little flower accent just tops it off! Prince Symbol Tattoo There are lots of great Prince tattoos featuring just the artist’s symbol, but sometimes just a simple symbol has just enough impact. Long Curly Gray Hairstyle Let your curls in your gray locks flow free with this gorgeous gray hairstyle!
Pastel Gradient Nail Art For those of you who are looking for more subdued easy nail art designs for summer, we have this pastel gradient design. Stars Collar Bone Tattoos A smattering of simple stars makes a whimsical group of collar bone tattoos.
Micro Rose and Constellation Tattoo Here’s a clever little micro tattoo design that combines the beauty of a rose and constellation! Pink Heart Nails With Polka Dots Break up a sea of pink with some cute hearts and black polka dots on a couple of accent nails! Name and Key Tattoo Design This beautiful key tattoo design includes a gorgeous name banner for someone special!
Wolf Sketch Tattoo The line work and detail in this sketched wolf tattoo is simply amazing! Colorful Diagonal Stripe Mani Wide diagonal stripes in different hues of the same color make an interesting colorful nail art design, and the glitter stripes add a nice touch! Studded Half and Half Nails Half black and half white nails are topped off with some pretty gold studs.
Yellow and Black Tribal Nail Design A black tribal design turned these nails into an awesome trendy yellow nail art design! Chocolate Covered Strawberry Lip Art Strawberry lip art designs are popular, but this chocolate covered strawberry lip art looks particularly yummy. Beaded Stiletto Nail Design Add some pearls and nail art beads to matte maroon nails for an interesting stiletto nail design. Gradient nail art is usually created by painting overlapping stripes onto a small piece of sponge and pressing it onto the nails. Lace and Fishnet Nail Art A lacy pattern makes these awesome fishnet nails a little sexier and a lot sweeter!
Pink and Purple Patchwork Nails Combine pink polish with purple polish in a sweet and cute patchwork nail art design.
Blue and Purple Beard Well, at least the pretty blue and purple colored beard extends to his handlebar mustache and slicked back hair… Image Source 4. Yin and Yang Tattoo Designs on Feet Some unique and creative yin and yang tattoo designs are actually two tattoos, but come together quite beautifully when two body parts are placed together. Rhinestone Bumble Bee Nail Art Rhinestones can really jazz up a simple bumble bee nail art design!
Vine Prince Symbol Tattoo The vine twisting around this Prince symbol adds a nice little contrast of color, and th butterfly adds a bit of a whimsical touch. Shoulder Length Gray Hair Of long or short gray haircuts aren’t working for you, don’t forget about medium gray hairstyles, like this straight shoulder length style. Red Panda Nai Art The red base color under these panda nail art designs gives them a nice pop of color. Moon Collar Bone Tattoo If you’re looking for collar bone tattoo design ideas, this small moon might be a good option.
Tiny Dreamcatcher Tattoo It sure would be handy to have a tiny dreamcatcher with you at all times to keep the bad dreams at bay… Image Source 5.
Wide Stripe Pink Heart Nails The wide stripes make this a pretty cool pink nail art design, and the little hearts add a cute little touch.
Colorful Sketched Turtle Tattoo Color is added to some sketch tattoos and they still have that rough, first draft look and feel to them.
Rainbow Nail Art A bold rainbow in a starburst pattern is a gorgeous and fun colorful nail art design! Black and White Marble and Stripe Nails Mix up your black and white nail art a little by combining simple stripes with some fancy marble designs!
Pac Man Beard Something tells me that this man probably spent a good part of his childhood as a smal yellow circle eating white dots and getting chased by ghosties.
Dyed Red Goatee and Mustache A bright red dyed beard is definitely an eye catcher, isn’t it? Colorful Tribal Nail Design Yellow polish isn’t the only burst of color in this trendy tribal nail art design! Zebra Lip Art Design Simple black stripes over white lips make for some cute and totally doable zebra print lips! Black and Gold Nail Art Gold glitter nail polish contrasts beautifully with dark black polish on these pointy nails. Or you can combine it with the collar bone tattoo design ideas above for fun celestial tattoo. Music Note Ear Tattoo A tiny micro tattoo design with a music note in front of the ear is a great tattoo idea for music lovers! Fishnet Nail Tips If you don’t want to go full on fishnet nails, you can always cover just the tips of the nails in a fishnet design for a unique and creative look!
Cool Patchwork Nails Cool colors of nail polish, like blue, purple, and mint green, combine beautifully in patchwork nail art designs! Yin and Yang Angels Tattoo A dark angel and a light angel work together in harmony in this unique yin and yang tattoo design. Simple Honey Bee Nail Design A honeycomb accent nail is the perfect addition to a simple little honey bee nail art design.
Prince Symbol With Flowers Prince tattoos for women can contain all sorts of feminine touches, like this purple symbol tattoo surrounded by pink flowers. Shoulder Length Curly Gray Hair Curly gray hairstyles can be any length, and this shoulder length curly style is incredibly beautiful.

Simple Colored Dots Nail Art These easy nail art designs also start with a couple of coats of white nail polish. Fun Panda Faces Nail Art Pandas on your nails can each have a personality of their own.Just give them different facial expressions. Diagonal Pink Nail Art Design This diagonal pink nail design is simple and easy to do, but it’s also quite eye catching! Set of Keys Tattoo If one key isn’t quite enough, you can also get a set of keys tattooed on you.
Sketched Deer Tattoo Large sketch tattoos, like this stag on the rib cage, are definitely quite striking and dramatic!
Dice Nail Art Get some good luck black and white nail art by painting your tips with some dice! Long Red Dyed Beard And, how about this crazy lookin’ dude with a crazy lookin’ long red beard?
Yellow Negative Space Nail Art Here’s another trendy yellow nail art designs that uses black polish and negative space to create a modern look. Cherry Blossom Tree Lip Art Brown lips aren’t your typical lips, but they look pretty gorgeous with a cherry blossom lip art design!
Bejeweled Purple Nails Large nail art jewels add a fun touch to these gorgeous deep purple nails! When it has dried completely, use a nail dotting tool to add a row of dots along the tips of the nails. Constellation Collar Bone Tattoo Constellation tattoos are also excellent options for collar bone tattoo design ideas. Keyhole Micro Tattoo and Key The placement of this keyhole micro tattoo design is sure to get at least a few second glances! Pink Fishnet Nails Use a black fishnet nail design on pink nails for a feminine yet edgy look.
Decorative Blue Patchwork Nails Funky swirls and lacy patterns make these blue patchwork nails even more stunning! Money Sign Beard This weird beard just screams “job interview!” Either that or “show me the money!” Image Source 5. Ripping Yin and Yang Tattoo This yin and yang tattoo design looks like it’s carved into the skin on the back of the shoulder.
Dripping Honey Bee Nail Art Yellow nail polish “dripping” on the tips of the nails is an awesome addition to some super cute honey bee nails!
Prince Portrait Tattoo This portrait captures a beautiful and peaceful essence of a man with a beautiful soul. Shorty Curly Gray Hairstyle Here’s a short hairstyle option for gray haired ladies with curly hair that doesn’t look too dated or old fashioned. Realistic Panda Nail Art Designs These panda nail art designs are less cartoonish and slightly more realistic that the previous designs. Pink Nails With Glitter Tips Add some glorious sparkle to your pink nails by adding some pink glitter and rhinestones to the tips! Key and Ribbon Tattoo A pretty pink ribbon adds some girlish charm to a fancy skeleton tattoo design!
Cat Sketch Tattoos Sketch tattoos also look pretty great on the shoulder, as you can see here with this sketched cat tattoo design. Watercolor Dots Nail Art Dots of colorful sheer nail polish blend together beautifully for a nice watercolor effect.
Glittery White Tips on Black Nails Shimmery white tips are a beautiful and unexpected accompaniment to shiny black nails.
Sleeping Cat Beard I don’t know what would compel someone to shave a sleeping cat onto their face, but hey! Pink Beard and Hair This guy went all out and dyed his beard pink ,but at least it was for charity. Yellow Nail Art Tips Ditch the traditional white French manicure this summer in favor of a brighter and more cheerful yellow version! Lemon Lip Art Fruit lip art designs are pretty popular, but this lemon lip design really stands apart from the rest! Chain Stiletto Nails Some chain nail art accents are the perfect edgy addition to these stiletto nails. Tiny Birds Wrist Tattoo Bird tattoos are becoming quite popular among women, and this tiny micro tattoo design on the wrist is a good option for someone looking for an inconspicuous but meaningful tattoo.
Pink and Black Diagonal Fishnet Nail Design These pink and black fishnet nails have an added diagonal black design to make them stand out from the crowd a bit! Dragon Yin and Yang Tattoo Design Dragons seem to be quite a fitting element in yin and yang tattoo designs. Stamped Summer Bee Nail Art Summer bee nail art is super easy to create with some bee and honey comb nail stamping plates. Purple Rain Prince Tattoo You knew that a list of Prince tattoos wouldn’t leave out a reference to Purple Rain, the artists most well known and popular album! Long Thick Gray Hair Thick gray hair can look pretty stunning when cut into a long layered style! Feather and Birds on Collar Bone Tattoo This feather blowing in the wind breaks up to form several small birds flying over the collar bone. Negative Space Pink Nail Art Negative space nails are another hot trend right now, and this pink version is a little more subtle and soft than some of the runway nails we’ve seen. Heart Key Shoulder Tattoo A heart shaped key tattoo design is completed beautifully with the “Follow your heart” quote.
Monkey Sketch Tattoo Design A monkey makes a fun and lighthearted subject for sketch tattoos, and it’s not something that you would expect!
Matte Black and White Plaid Nails Simple yet eye catching, this black and white nail art design with a plaid look is sure a fun addition to almost any look! Gray and Yellow V-Shaped Nail Art Neon yellow and and light blue contrast sharply with this slate gray nail polish and create a beautiful modern v-shape nail design!
Panda Face and Black Paw Prints Tips painted with some cute panda paw prints add a fun element to these panda nail. Tiny Shamrock Tattoo I suspect that you’ll always have the luck of the Irish with you when you have a tiny shamrock tattoo like this! Black and White Polka Dot Patchwork Nails Basic black and white make for some awesome patchwork nails, especially with the addition of some simple polka dots! Superman Beard Not so long ago, Braun came out with an advertising campaign that featured some pretty awesome weird beards groomed into some pretty recognizable logos, including this Superman logo. Light Pink Beard I’m not sure what the story is behind this pink dyed beard, but I’m sure it’s an interesting one! Biomechanical Yin and Yang Tattoo This yin and yang tattoo design gives a peek into a person’s innermost workings.
Lace Tip Bee Nails Lacey designs on the tips of these nails make these bumble bee nails a little girly and feminine.
Prince Purple Rain Chest Tattoo The artist’s name and symbol tattooed on this woman’s chest are accented with some pretty purple raindrops. Short Gray Hair If you’re looking for edgy gray hairstyles, short spiky gray hairstyles might be just the thing. This beach white and blue gradient nail art is created sponging white and blue nail polish onto the nail. Birds Perched on Collar Bone A couple of cute little birds are using this woman’s collar bone for a perch. Pink Rose Nail Art White and pink gradient and pink rose accent nails are siply gorgeous in this pink nail art design! Tree Key Tattoo Design An elaborate tree design makes a beautiful and unique addition to this awesome key tattoo design!
Sketched Bird Tattoo Design This sketch design of a bird in mid-flight is a beautiful addition to this beautiful belly!
Colorful Splatter Nails If you’re looking for a trendy and artistic colorful nail art design, these splatter nails might be just perfect! Fancy Black and White Nail Art For those of you looking for some more fancy black and white nail art designs, here’s an interesting option with an airbrushed look. Two-tone Yellow Nail Art Two shades of yellow can also be used to create an interesting minimalistic modern nail art design on the nails.
Puzzle Piece Lip Art If it’s fun and funky lip art design you’re looking for, some puzzle pieces splayed across the lips might be just the thing for you!
Blue Gradient Stiletto Nail Art Blue and white gradient nails look pretty amazing, especially with some glitter gradient accent nails.
You can beach it up even more by using a thin nail brush or a nail polish striper to draw a little palm tree on one finger. Panda Face and White Paw Prints White paw prints cn also be used when creating cute panda nail art designs.
Small Bow Tattoo If you’re looking for a sweet and feminine micro tattoo design, this cute little bow tattoo might just be the answer! Polka Dot Fishnet Nails These cute fishnet nails can easily be recreated with a small nail dotting tool and carefully placed dots of polish.
Pink Heart Patchwork Nails Pink nail polish and heart designs can be used to create some lovely patchwork nail art! Spiderman Beard Here’s another weird beard from the Braun advertising campaign, and this one gives a big nod to Spiderman! Teal Beard and Hair Teal seems to be a hot color for dyed beards, and this trimmed teal beard actually looks pretty great! Fish Yin and Yang Tattoo Asian style fish make a pretty interesting yin and yang tattoo design as well.
Lady Bug and Bumble Bee Nails Combine some cute bumble bees with some ladybug nail art for some fun buggy summer nails! Large Prince Symbol Tattoo This large Prince symbol tattoo is colorful, eye catching, and beautifully designed! Pink and Black Glitter Nails Black glitter contrasts beautifully with the hot pink in these cute heart nails! Skull Skeleton Key Tattoo A skull seems like a fitting addition to this skeleton key tattoo, doesn’t it?
Dog Sketch Tattoo Here’s another large sketch tattoo, this time of man’s best friend, placed on the side of the torso. Neon Leopard Print Nails Take a walk on the wild side with some bright and flashy leopard print nails! Negative Space Black and White Nail Art Negative space nail art is trendy right now, and this black and white nail at designs might fit right in on a runway! Bold Black Striped Yellow Nail Art Bold black and white stripes on the sides of yellow nails make a nice and simple modern nail art design! Rhinestone Lip Art Although they’re probably even less practical than most other lip art designs, rhinestone lips really pack a nice visual punch, don’t they? Galaxy Stiletto Nail Design Stiletto nails are pretty eye catching, but a galaxy design makes them even more eye catching!
Dripping Summer Nail Art Designs Make some cute easy nail art designs with a dripping effect by dabbing random dots on the nail and connecting it to the tip of the nail. Panda Nail Art With Hearts A few colorful hearts can really jazz up panda nail art designs.
Infinity Finger Tattoo Add a tiny tattoo, like this infinity tattoo, to the inside of a finger for an interesting and unexpected little flash of your personality. Purple Fishnet Nails Purple gradient nails and a black fishnet design mix beautifully on these nails! Patchwork and Rag Doll Nails Add a little rag doll design to your patchwork nail art for an interesting and unique touch.
Spiral Weird Beard Shaving a spiral into your beard must take an awful lot of time, but it does look kind of cool, doesn’t it?
Teal Beard and Mohawk This gentleman looks like he’s headed to a black tie affair, teal beard, mohawk, and all! Cat Yin and Yang Tattoo For the cat lovers, feline yin and yang tattoo designs are pretty awesome and creative yin and yang tattoo designs! Cloudy Sky and Bee Nails Blue nails with some puffy clouds make a nice background for a zippy little bumble bee nail design!
Prince Symbol and Eye Tattoo One thing’s for sure—this artist had some utterly beautiful eyes!
Gray Bob Hairstyle Shoulder length bobs make beautiful and easy to care for gray hairstyles! Birdcage Hanging From the Collar Bone Let the caged birds free with this clever birdcage collar bone tattoo. Gray Glitter and Pink Nails A pink triangle and chevron nail design carved into a gray glitter nails looks absolutely splendid!
Butterfly Key Tattoo Design Delicate butterfly wings on this key make it a very attractive and feminine key tattoo design for women. Fox and Rabbit Sketch Tattoos The wispy sketched details in this beautiful sketched nature tattoo design make it a gorgeous sight to behold! Colorful Tiger Stripe Nails If leopard print isn’t your thing, simple black tiger stripes can also make for some wonderfully wild and colorful nail art over a rainbow background! Marbled Nail Art Design Create an awesome stone look with this interesting marbled black and white nail art design! Yellow Triangles Nail Art Small yellow and blue triangles over gray nails are chic and sweet, and the bright yellow accent nail adds a cheery pop of color!
Comic Book Lips Bright red lips, a bold black outline, and some white highlights are all you need to rock these awesome comic book lips!
Red Under Black Nails Painting the undersides of the nails red adds a pretty awesome splash of color to these black stiletto nails.
Nautical Nail Art With Blue Stripes and Anchor A nautical nail art design can be created easily by simply adding some royal blue stripes to white nails. Panda Nail Art Designs With Bamboo Make your pandas feel right at home on your nails with a little bamboo.
Tiny Colorful Rainbow Tattoo This little bitty rainbow tattoo design on the inside of the wrist give a cheerful little pop of color on a rainy day!
Nail Striping Tape Fishnet Design Nail striping tape can also be used to create a fishnet nail art design.
Colorful Patchwork Nails If you love colorful nails, this patchwork design with its rainbow of colors might be a great option for you! At Symbol Beard I’m not quite sure why you would want an at symbol on your chin, but here it is! Emerald Green Beard I have to admit that I’m kinda lovin’ this deep emerald green colored beard… Image Source 11. Colorful Splatter Yin and Yang Tattoo Design For those of you looking for colorful tattoo designs, this awesome splatter tattoo design is a fantastic option! Buzzing Summer Bee Nail Art A line of little polka dots makes it look like these little bees are buzzing all around. Prince and Dove Tattoo When Doves Cry was another popular song by Prince, making doves great additions to Prince tattoos! Image Source If you liked these stiletto nail designs, you might also want to check out these 30 Creative Nail Design Collection, 29 Enthusiastic Simple Nail Art Ideas, and 16 Simple Nail Art for Long Nails Ideas!
Gray Hair With Bangs This gray hairstyle frames the face quite nicely with layers and bangs. Dragonfly Collar Bone Tattoo A whimsical, beautiful, and carefree dragonfly graces this woman’s collar bone.
Hot Pink Glitter Nails Sometimes all you need for some super sexy pink nail art is a super bright hot pink glitter polish!

Clock Key Tattoo Clocks and keys are great whimsical and old fashioned tattoo designs, and the two together make for a smashing design! Bird and Face Sketch Tattoo Finally, here’s a creative and unique sketch tattoo design that combines a bird and a woman’s face. Funky Colorful Nail Art Try a funky modern art inspired nail art design to get your color fix. Winking Nail Art Design A few simple white lines on black nails make a super cute little winking design! Turquoise Blue Beard The purple mohawk was definitely a great choice, other wise the turquoise blue beard would look a little strange, dontcha think? Gold and Yellow Nail Art Adding gold to your yellow nail art is a great way to give it a little sparkle and a trendy look this season!
Tie Dye Lip Art Lots os vibrant colors swirl together in this stunning tie dye lip art design! I like the gold polish used to create the anchor here, but you can also use silver, black, blue, or any other color you have.
Micro Moon Tattoo This little moon tattoo is just the size of a dime, and it’s truly a micro tattoo design! Polka Dot and Fishnet Nail Design Add some cute polka dots to your fishnet nails for an awesome eye popping mani! Image Source If you liked these sketch tattoos, you might also want to check out these 34 Magical Tattoo Drawings and 30 Mind-Blowing Tattoo Sketches! Vine Yin and Yang Tattoo A yin and yang symbol created with a vine makes a pretty neat tattoo design. Bumble Bee French Mani Yellow nail tips, white flowers, and an adorable little bumble bee makes for an all around fun little summer nail art design! Many people, especially women, see gray hair as a sign aging and fear that it makes them look old. Textured Gray Hairstyle Lots of texture gives this beautiful gray hairstyle a little edge and a lot of bounce! Music Staff Collar Bone Tattoo For the true music lover, there’s this music staff tattoo, complete with music notes!
White Key Tattoo Design A little white key tattoo on the wrist is barely noticeable, but it makes a big impact!
White Diagonal Lines on Black Nails Diagonal white lines on black nails make a fun and bold statement. Cheshire Cat Beard This guy has the unmistakable tail of a Cheshire cat wrapped around his mouth, stripes and all! Mint and Yellow Nail Art Modern mint nails get a cheery twist with some v-shaped yellow nail tips!
Starry Night Lip Art It would be hard not to get lost in these dark starry night lips… Image Source 13. Image Source If you liked these gray hairstyles, you might also want to check out these 11 Sophisticated and Sexy Short Haircuts for Women With Gray Hair, 14 Gorgeous Examples of Dyed Gray Hair, and 35 Lovely Short Hair Styles For Older Women! Micro Arrow Finger Tattoo Micro tattoo design ideas aren’t just for women either; this arrow finger tattoo would fit just as well on a man.
More Pink Patchwork Nail Art Here’s another great example of a pink patchwork nail art design!
Image Source If you liked these black and white nail art designs, you might also want to check out these 10 Beautiful Black and White Nail Designs and 16 Beautiful Black Nail Art Designs! Water and Fire Yin and Yang Tattoo Design Water and fire, two completely opposite elements, are perfect for coming together into yin and yang tattoos designs! Glitter Tip Bee Nail Art Yellow and black glitter polish adds some nice sparkle to these simple bumble bee nails. Lace Lip Art Lace is universally feminine and sexy, which could be what makes lacy lip art designs so perfect! This may be one of the more difficult easy nail art designs, but if you have a steady hand, you should be able to create this bumble bee in flight with a nail striper. Music Notes on Collar Bone Or here’s a simpler version with just music notes and a treble clef. Rhinestone and Pink Leopard Print Nails Because everyone knows that the perfect accompaniment to a leopard print nail design is an array of sparkly rhinestones! Simple Heart Key Wrist Tattoo Here’s a pretty simple heart shaped key tattoo design on the wrist that makes a bold statement. Bright Palm Tree Nails For a beach inspired colorful manicure, all you need are some cute and simple palm trees! Black and Yellow Nails Here’s a beautiful and modern black and yellow nail art design, complete with some edgy round nail art studs. Full Panda Nail Art This litle guy looks like he’s getting pretty comfy among the green bamboo on these nails. Winnie the Pooh Micro Tattoo This classic Winnie the Pooh wrist tattoo is a fun little micro tattoo for people of all ages! Outlined Silver Fishnet Nail Design Outline fishnet nails for a modern, trendy little twist.
Colorful Heart Patchwork Nail Design Subtle hearts in the center of a rainbow of colors makes this patchwork nail art design just about perfect!
Melting Yin and Yang Tattoo A melting yin and yang makes an interesting and unique tattoo design! Striped Bee Accent Nail Some painted eyes and wings turn a striped black and yellow nail into a nifty little bumble bee accent nail. Fishnet and Microbead Nail Art Placing the tiny nail art microbeads on this pink fishnet nail design must have been time consuming, but the results are totally worth it! Long beards, short beards, and everything in between are gracing the faces of dudes everywhere! Yellow Stripe and Polka Dot Nails Mixing simple designs like wide stripes and perfect polka dots makes an overall interesting yellow nail art design! Pink Polka Dot Panda Nail Art Add some color to your panda nail art designs with some painted tips.
Bird on a Branch With Quote Quotes are great collar bone tattoo design ideas, but pairing them with simple designs, like this bird on a branch, adds some much needed visual interest. Tiny Seashell Heel Tattoo For the ocean lovers out there, this tiny seashell tattoo design seems just about perfect, doesn’t it?
Heart Fishnet Nails Red and white fishnet hearts in the middle of glossy black nails are definitely pretty awesome! Country Quilt Nail Art This colorful patchwork nail art design reminds me of a cheerful country quilt! Some men try to grow their beards as long and full as they can, while others opt to get a little wild and cray with them.
It’s definitely fun, and this weird beard had to have taken some superhero powers to pull off! Image Source If you loved these trendy yellow nail art designs, be sure to check out these 14 Gorgeous Yellow Nail Designs, 16 Beautiful Black and Yellow Nail Designs, and 11 Trendy 2016 Nail Art Designs to Try This Year! If you’re looking for some new designs to jazz up your summer nails, why not try some fun bee nail art? Honeycomb Bee Nail Art The little bees in this nail art design look right at home on this honeycomb pattern!
Pink Houndstooth Nails A pink houndstooth nail art design is so fab, fun, and fashion forward! Eternity Key Tattoos These matching heart shaped key and lock tattoos are great for lovers who want to spend eternity next to each other! Image Source If you loved these patchwork nail art designs, you might also want to check out these 15 Insane Colorful Nail Art Designs to Try, 13 Colorful and Creative Rainbow Nail Designs, and 40 Easy Nail Designs You Can Try Any Day! Yesterday we took a look at some crazy dyed beards, but today we’re going to take a look at some totally weird beards!
Image Source If you like the idea of a weird beard, you might also like these 14 Crazy Dyed Beard Examples and 25 Awesome Hairstyles For Balding Men! Image Source If a dyed beard is your thing, you might also want to check out these 25 Funky Hair Color Ideas Which Look Marvelous, 25 Exceptional Hair Color Ideas For Dark Hair, and 17 Funky Examples of Blue Hair for Guys! These little guys are buzzing around and working their little stingers off in the sun all summer long, pollinating plants and making honey. You can create suns on all of your nails, or you can just put a single sun on one or two nails. Gray Arrow Collar Bone Tattoo A good choice for the not-so-girly girl, the gray arrow collar bone tattoo is a powerful image.
You might also want to check out these 22 Sultry and Sexy Fishnet Nails, 70 Seductive Nail Designs, and 23 Playful and Cute Nail Art Designs!
Image Source If you loved these colorful nail art designs, be sure to check out these 12 Colorful Rainbow Nail Designs to Fall in Love With, 10 Neon Nail Art Designs to Add a Little Color to Your Summer, and 14 Bright and Colorful Nail Art Designs to Try as well! Green Bumble Bee Nails Green isn’t the color you’d expect in summer bee nail art, but it looks pretty great in this design! Beach Sunset Lips A splash of brilliant color and a hint of darkness are what makes a great sunset! Blue Panda Nail Art A light blue nail polish can add some pretty color to panda nail art designs. Flaming Pink Nail Art The black flames on these pink nails make this nail art design edgy, yet a little girly at the same time.
Realistic Foot Key Tattoo Realistic key tattoos such as this foot tattoo are very striking and pretty amazing! A good tattoo artist can create a tattoo design on a human canvas that has such exceptional detail that that the design is lifelike and realistic.
The dark side of the symbol is referred to as the yin, and it is considered to be the negative and female side. Image Source Hopefully, you now have lots of great inspiration for your panda nail art designs now! Colorful Phoenix Collar Bone Tattoo Here’s a nice option if you’re looking for a Phoenix tattoo, which symbolizes strength and perseverance. Micro Flower Tattoo Design The detail in these pretty blue and purple flowers is pretty amazing for a micro tattoo design! These two colors contrast nicely with each other, and the combination is quite eye catching more often than not.
Men have been growing ass sorts of beards, from classic goatees to trimmed scruff to full on lumberjack beards. Nail art designs are also a great way to add a little something extra to your summer style too.
The white side of the symbol is referred to as the yang, and it is considered to be the positive and male side.
You might also want to check out these 11 Adorable Googly Eyes Nail Art Designs and 15 Darling Little Daisy Nail Art Designs! Start with bright pink nails, paint the tips green, and use black nail polish to create watermelon seeds. Check out these 20 Pretty Pink Nail Art Designs, 40 Easy Nail Designs You Can Try Any Day, and 14 Pretty Pink Pastel Nail Designs for more ideas! The fact that something is so valuable that it needs to be kept locked up makes it even more intriguing. Word in Key Tattoo A single word or short phrase can also be incorporated into a simple key tattoo design.
Since the enthusiasm surrounding beards has flared up once again at the same time that colorful dyed hair has become a fashion statement, the dyed beard was only a matter of time! If you want to keep your look updated this summer, you can try your hand at some trendy yellow nail art! Check out these 14 Different Types of Lip Piercings and these 15 Sexy Snake Bites Piercing Ideas for some ideas. If you liked these panda nails, you might also like these 10 Terrific Teddy Bear Nail Designs, 10 Adorable Animal Themed Nail Designs, and 26 Overwhelming Hello Kitty Nail Designs! One thing to keep in mind is that a collar bone tattoo is one of the more painful tattoos you can get.
X and O Tattoos A simple X and O on each wrist makes a nice matching micro tattoo design, and can even be used as a cute couples tattoo! Not surprisingly, yin and yang tattoo designs are poplar, not just among the Chinese culture, but among Westerners as well.
Prince was a talented artist and was well known for his vocal skills, songwriting abilities, and amazing live performances. Image Source If you liked these micro tattoo design ideas, you might want to check out these 25 Phenomenal Tiny Tattoos, 35 Small Tattoos For Girls Which Look Really Cute, and 36 Splendid Small Tattoo Ideas as well!
Small Behind the Ear Key Tattoo A tiny key tattoo behind the ear is sweet and cute, and a great option for the ladies! One thing is for sure, this is one artist that will be missed by many around the world, and fans have just started mourning the loss of a legend.
You can create ice cream cones in all sorts of flavors by painting half circles on the tips of the nails of one hand and brown triangles on the tips of the nails on the other hand. It’s also not a typical spot for a tattoo, so a collar bone tattoo design is both sexy and unique.
However, this shouldn’t be a deterrent if you have your heart set on a great collar bone tattoo design. If you feel like getting really creative, you can also add sprinkles with nail stripers and cherries on top of your cones with a nail dotting tool.
Most people who get collar bone tattoos have found it painful but bearable and found the experience (and the end result) extremely rewarding! Heart Lock and Key Tattoo A heart shaped lock and heart shaped key make great matching tattoo designs for loved ones, and the realistic detail in these is simply amazing!
If you liked these collar bone tattoo designs for women, you might also be interested in these 30 Beautiful Shoulder Tattoos for Women, 30 Awesome Female Tattoo Designs, and 30 Sexy Tribal Tattoos For Women! Mermaid Nail Art for Summer This cute mermaid nail art design is perfect for summer, especially if you live int he water!
Start with a light blue to dark blue gradient nail and use a nail art stamper to add the fish scales. If you’re looking for a subtle and inconspicuous tattoo, a micro tattoo design might be a great option! If you don’t have a nail art stamper, stretching a bath pouf on the nail and painting over should produce a similar scale effect. Mismatched Neon Summer Nail Art This is probably one of the easiest nail art designs for summer!
Neon Polka Dot Nail Art Design Create some neon polka dots on white nails for a fun and super easy summer nail art design!
Blue Dots on Neon Yellow Nails Jazz up some bright, bright neon yellow nails with different sized neon blue polka dots. Easy Nail Art Designs With Colorful French Tips Finally, who says that French tips have to be white? It’s a great time to bring out the neon nail polish or that funky yellow polish that you normally don’t use.

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