The photos are not used for commercial purposes and do not belong to me unless otherwise noted.All content (unless otherwise attributed) is property of Fashion Me Fabulous and may not be duplicated or republished without our permission. In college, I put a temporary, two-week tinting mousse in my hair that turned my natural highlights red, but that's as far as I've gone. Also, my hair is very dark brown so I'd have to lighten it for most hair color to do anything more than just tint it some.

Besides, it seems like a lot of work to keep up a fake hair color.Yesterday, I linked to piece by a fashion blogger who is starting to get grey hair in her 20s. I also have some grey hair (most of which I suspect is due to constantly hitting the same part of my head on my bunk in college since that's where the grey appears). I'm not sure why this is an abomination, but many women think so and wish I would just dye my hair since I'm too young to have any grey.

They enjoy changing up their look, experimenting with color, and adding some shine and dimension to their hair with highlights.Do you dye your hair?

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