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Apply this material to the background object by dragging the material from the materials panel, up to the background object in the objects panel. Adding deformers to the MoText character will give us control over the bending and twisting of each.
Now that we have a MoText object setup with a bend deformer and a twist deformer, we can duplicate this object to create the remaining characters. We need to position the camera low with a slight upwards tilt to give the composition the correct perspective. Once you are happy with the position of the camera in position, lock it in place using a protection tag. We can now apply a combination of the bend and twist deformers to each MoText character to achieve the warped effect in the final image. To apply the bend deformation on a MoText character, select the bend deformer that is a child of that MoText character and adjust the number of degrees in the Strength and Angle fields. The number of degrees bend input into the Strength field will be applied in the direction specified in degrees in the Angle.
To apply the twist deformation of a MoText character, select the twist deformer that is a child of that MoText character and adjust the number of degrees in the Strength field.
The twist deformer will twist the MoText character so that the angle of the face twists the number of degrees input into the Strength field. Before we create the material in Cinema 4D we need to adjust the Wood Texture 1 image you downloaded at the beginning of the tutorial. We want to apply the Side Grain texture to the Polygon Object (Triangle icon) with the name 'Y'.
Note that later when you apply this material to the remaining characters, the value of Tiles U will vary for each character because the length around the edge of each character varies. Make a selection of the centre of the image holding the shift key to maintain a square selection. This has now connected the two Polygon Objects into a single Polygon Object with the name 'Rounding.1'. Now that we created the chipped paint material, we need to duplicate the cap Polygon object to apply it to. Now apply the material 'Chipped Paint 1' to the object 'Paint' and make a render (Shift + R). Before we add any lighting though, we need to turn on Global Illumination in the Render Settings. Now replace the material on the 'Soft Light 2' object with the 'Blue Light' material we just created and render again.
So once I had the town under my thumb, I asked my GM if it would be alright for me to make a detailed map of the village. I was also told that I had a total of 377 villagers, 27 of which could be level 1 experts, adepts, warriors, or aristocrats. Now, even as a GM, I don’t often have the opportunity to truly build a thoroughly detailed community. As a player preparing to govern this town, however, I find the idea of exacting detail appealing. I decided that my GM’s goal in providing me with an endless flatland of plains was probably closest to the American prairie.
The only major landmarks of note are the homes of the mayor and wizard, both of whom Zalekios killed in his secret coup. The areas of brown within the town indicate pig pens, whilst I imagine many homes have chicken coops next to them. 3d Street Art, often known as 3d chalk art is 2-dimensional artwork drawn on the street itself that gives you a 3-dimensional optical illusion from a certain perspective. Take one look at the upcoming 3D stop motion film ParaNorman and it's easy to see that moviegoers are in for some stunning visuals come August 17th. Quickly transform 3D CAD models into interactive walk-throughs and presentations, so that you can evaluate aesthetic and design alternatives in real time with peers, constituents, and customers.
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These values will centre the MoText object so that they align with the deformers we will add in the next steps.
Either manually position the camera until it matches the composition of the original image, or give the camera the following values in its Coord panel.
For example a value of 90° in the Strength field and a value of 0° in the Angle field of the bend deformer will bend the character so that the character face now points directly up.
For example a value of 90° in the Strength field of the twist deformer will twist the character so that the characters face now lies on its side. Open the image in Photoshop and add a new adjustment layer by clicking the 'Create new fill or adjustment layer' button at the bottom of the layers panel. To do this we will first need to break the MoText Objects into Polygon Objects so that the textures can be applied to different areas of the characters.
Do this by dragging the Side Grain material from the Materials panel up onto this Polygon object.
For example the character 'I' only needs the texture to be tiled about 2 times because the length of the edge for an 'I' is less than the 'Y'.
In the color menu within the material editor, click the arrow menu next to 'Texture' and then click 'Load Image' and select the end grain image you just saved from photoshop. This is because by chance the noise field we created before in the transparency channel doesn't have any transparent areas on the face of the character. Note that this process involves some trial and error in adjusting the Offset U and Offset V values to get a chip to appear.
The original piece used a lighting setup made components of the Greyscale Gorilla Light Kit Pro.
This Plane is now functioning as a Light source because of the luminous material that has been applied to it, so let's rename the Plane object to 'Soft Light'. Rename the duplicate 'Soft Light 2' and resize it to 400cm wide by 400cm high in the object panel. Rename the duplicate 'Soft Light 3' and resize it to 900cm wide by 900cm high in the object panel. Using the rectangular marquee tool make a selection like the following, and then selecting crop from the Image menu.
Duplicate the rendered layer we have just cropped by dragging it down to the 'Create a new layer'. It can be very breathtaking, realistic and at the same time captivating once you get the angle correct.
Notable brands are already taking advantage of public’s curiosity on 3D street paintings to create awareness for their products. People on the upper part of the image is real but their reflection on the bottom part of the image is drawn.
This drawing looks like an old, classic painting, similar to paintings in medieval castles.
Once you realize the contribution of 3D printing to the film's creation, however, you're likely to appreciate the movie on an entirely new level. What i wanted to try here was to provide 3 different rendering modes of a cube without using any javascript, keeping the DOM untouched. If you want to add some interactivity on a ccs cube like a simple click event, the event will be fire with the DOM square object, meaning with the cube, but with the 4 corners outside the cube too. We will use the information we have collected about your trial product usage and website activity, and other information you might share with us, to help us decide what information will be most relevant and interesting to you. Give the document equal width and height of 1000px in Render Settings (Render > Edit Render Settings). A value of 90° in the Strength field and a value of 180° in the Angle field will bend the character so that the character face now points directly down.
A value of 180 in the Strength field will twist the character so that the characters face is now upside down.
The background (which we have already created), the Side Grain material for the side of each character, the end grain material for the face of each character. In the color menu within the material editor, click the arrow menu next to 'Texture' and then click 'Load Image'. Adjust the Tiles U for each character until the scale of this material look consistent over all Characters.
This will make areas of the Material transparent in order to achieve the chipped paint effect. The black areas in the noise shader will make areas of the material opaque, while white areas of the noise shader will be transparent. Drag the duplicate Polygon Object back into the the parent 'Y' Null Object and give it the name 'Paint'. The Light Kit Pro is a very useful addition to Cinema 4D, however if you don't have this, I will cover how to create a similar setup in the following steps. Geographically, the village is located in a large area of plains, with no major shifts in elevation or terrain type for several miles around. And since the character in question is Zalekios, knowing just how many commoners I can eat before my breeding stock gets too low is important! Children and elderly would live with said couples, as would a number of dependent adults who are over the age of 15, but have not yet struck out on their own. However, Wikipedia has a great deal of information on plains which I found extremely useful in this endeavor. However, farming there required more advanced farming equipment than was available when it was first settled.
I dug through a number of sources for maps, including my own books, the Cartographer’s Guild, and just plain old google image search.

The small, center circle was designated for important buildings, like the mayor’s residence. The more important buildings near the center of town should be much larger, while the residential buildings can be relatively small. And creating one is certainly through and challenging as you are creating a realistic 3d view out of a 2d painting. In order to portray a wide array of emotions on the faces of the film's 62 characters, animation studio LAIKA tapped 3D Systems and their ZPrinter 650 to generate over 31,000 individual facial parts for inclusion in the production -- talk about working overtime. Known for integrating innovation with the hand-created artistry of the stop motion technique, LAIKA utilized 3D printing to create over 31,000 individual, color facial parts for production.
For example, if you indicate that you are involved in civil engineering, we may share information that we have found to be relevant to civil engineers.
While Photoshop does have some fantastic tools for creating 3D text, there are other applications that are often better suited for the job.
Therer are also 5 different coloured paint materials for over the top of the end grain material. Now expand this Polygon Object which will reveal another child Polygon Object with the name 'Cap'.
Because we only want a small amount of paint to be chipped, we need to adjust the noise shader so that there are only a few well defined areas of white.
We can also drag the 'Cap' and 'Side' Polygon Objects up under the parent 'Y' object, which will give this object structure. To be honest, I have no grand and evil scheme to further overpower my character through corrupt governance. Additionally, a large part of my plans involve modifying the town, in the form of watch towers, walls, work camps, etc, so I want to know precisely what I have to work with. Apparently, up until that point, farmers used wooden plows, but steel plows needed to be developed to handle the tougher earth. I saved a few dozen samples to reference as I went to make my own map, and used elements from several of them.
If you indicate that you are an experienced user or a newer user, we may communicate information to you that is designed to be relevant to your experience level. That is why many illustrators use a combination of Photoshop and some other 3D application to help create 3D text. Certainly, I have plans on how I’ll make use of my subjects, but the ways in which the town will benefit Zalekios are much less interesting to me than the challenges and opportunities ruling over a town will provide.
Honestly, I think he just made the environment as simple as possible because he’s afraid of my ingenuity. But I would estimate that the community is still too large for everyone to know everyone else.
So if you walk into one of these 89 homes at random, the odds are that there are two wedded adults there, who live with one young child and one adult child. In this tutorial, we will show you how to use Cinema 4D to create wooden 3D text and then how to use Photoshop to add the final touches.
The need to fortify it, defend it, and ensure that my subjects are unable to oust me while I’m out adventuring, all sound like interesting and entertaining challenges to me. He and I have been playing games together long enough that we have a pretty good sense of what the limits are in each other’s games. So out of my 377 total population, I needed to figure out how many people fell into the three groups. Even acquaintance level relationships are difficult to maintain when there’s several hundred of them. And there is a roughly one-in-three chance that one of the couple’s parents is still alive, and also living in the house.
This was a much larger section, which would contain most of the town’s buildings, arranged around the center of town roughly evenly. Using that information, I decided that farming would be the main source of food and income for this village, with pigs and chickens providing them with some dietary variety. If you step back and look at the whole map, you see what appears to be a birds eye view of a large city. The largest circle, by a significant margin, is the farmland, which surrounds the entire town. I spent some time looking for one which applied specifically to medieval villages, but didn’t have any luck finding one. If there are only 91 children under the age of 15, then how few must there be between the ages of 8 and 12?
Each building and side street is distinct, and you get a sense of what the town is like from a street view.
There are clearly affluent areas near the parks, with larger houses, etc, along with poorer areas of much smaller buildings clustered together. By using a color 3D printer we were not only able to push facial performance to new levels, but we were also able to achieve a level of detail and subtlety in characters' faces that a few short years ago would have seemed impossible.
What I wound up with, using some very rough estimation, is 91 children, 260 adults, and 26 elderly. This technology, combined with a tremendous amount of hard work and dedication from talented artists and technicians, has created something truly unique and beautiful." "We are absolutely thrilled to partner with the ground breaking team at LAIKA as they utilize our full color 3D printing technology to revolutionize storytelling," said Cathy Lewis, Vice President of Global Marketing for 3D Systems.
Since my population is an odd number, I flipped a coin, and determined that the odd person out is a woman named Old Ms.

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