A: The Find My iPhone app only works with a single Apple ID at a time, and does not provide a way to consolidate the location information from more than one Apple ID. To do this, simply go into your iOS Settings app, and select Mail, Contacts, Calendars and add a new iCloud account. One you’ve entered an Apple ID, you will be shown a list of services that can be enabled for a secondary iCloud account. This year 94.5Kfm and MTN decided to change things up a little with a fresh new venue for KDay 2015 and end February on a high. I will be making an account in the USA for purposes of demonstration, but the steps to create one for the UK are virtually the same, except for one or two mouse clicks.
Unfortunately I haven’t been able to physically try this myself, but at this stage it seems that having an iTunes account in another country besides the country in which you reside is not possible without a valid credit card for the respective country. Right, so now the next few steps are vital in making the free account, if that is a factor for you. Fill in the email account details you either have or the one you made for this Apple ID as I have.
You will notice the phone number is not the same as in the image, because I put in a number one character too short and after rectifying the mistake and clicking to the next page, I forgot to take a screen shot of the changes.

Next iTunes should automatically re-open with the screen shown in the next step, if so, you can skip to the final step, or read further below.
You can then pick the device and choose to remote lock it, remote wipe it or send it a message or sound.
If you have your Apple id and password then login to your account otherwise create free Apple id and follow the onscreen instruction. We'll answer several questions here each week, and of course, you can always get help with more immediate concerns from the iLounge Discussion Forums. Just remember that the Find My iPhone feature also includes the ability to remotely erase devices, so you will want to choose a secure password for it and be careful who you give access to. To do this, see scroll down inside Store window, right to the bottom, where you will see the a small round icon and a country’s flag in.
Here you will choose the USA or UK flag, depending on which country you want to make an Apple ID in.
Reason being, is that if you just click on any app to download and that app so happens to be an app that payment is needed for, you wont be able to skip having to put your credit card details in. It would be great if I could see all of the information on a single map, but I’d settle for just an easy way to save different Apple IDs in the Find My iPhone app.

Because of this, having an account in either the UK or USA is of benefit, as their respective apps database seems to be of the largest available.
I have chosen to use a Gmail account, but you can use any email services you might have at your disposal. Besides this step of clicking the different country flag if you wanted a UK Apple ID instead of a USA one for example, the rest of the steps that follow are the same and nothing else, except the address will change. Also, you will need to fill in a password, at least 8 characters in length that contains a number, capital letter and doesn’t repeat the same letter 3 times after each other. I will be honest and say that I have not made an account in the USA or UK with credit card detail, but I am sure If you wanted to add your billing information to the account to purchase apps, that you can just add it in.

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