This morning, Jill Johnson, Associate Producer of The Sims 4, showed off the new Create A Sim tool during the live broadcast. Right off the bat, you can begin customizing your Sim’s proportions by manipulating several control points around the body. Well that’s it for now, the next Live Broadcast will air September 17th, so we’ll see you then!
There’s now a wide assortment of facial structures with more ethnic diversity than ever before! I’m also a bit disappointed at the lack of a slider tool for height adjustment in the Sims 4.
The fact that you can get creative with body shapes, like hourglasses and pears is an appealing factor. Actually, there were seven life stages before: Infant, Toddler, Child, Teen, YA, Adult, Elder. I grew up loving The Sims since I was 10-ish, and during the Sims 1 and 2, it had some of the best character customization(with mods), but now it seems some MMO games(cough PSO2) are leaving The Sims behind when it comes to character customization(without mods).
It seemed Sims 2 had the best potential for making oriental sims if you could find the right eye makeup.
Other than that though i think the game is looking pretty awesome and i am still very excited to get my hands on it! I have written extensively about how our beliefs become reality for us, determining our behavior and feelings.  Because how we view reality determines the possibilities for action that are open for us, by eliminating limiting beliefs, you are able to literally create new possibilities in your life. With these beliefs, what are the possibilities that you could have advancement in your career, success in your business or a career that you can feel truly fulfilled at?  … Slim to nil, right? Now let’s assume you completely eliminate those beliefs.  Can you see you have just created the possibility of a great, fulfilling, long-term career that literally didn’t exist before?
This is one of the most powerful consequences of eliminating beliefs: You not only change your behavior and feelings, you actually change the reality you live in. To make this idea completely clear, let’s assume you held the following beliefs: You have to work hard to make money. The possibilities that exist in your reality are defined by your beliefs.  When you say something is impossible it actually becomes impossible for you.

Even the environment in which an organization operates is largely a function of its beliefs.
For example, if most of the people in a company believe that something is impossible—such as outsourcing, raising capital, finding qualified new employees, or reaching a certain sales or earnings target—that belief becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy, because the employees will operate according to a reality consistent with their beliefs.  If something is impossible, there is no sense in trying to do it.
When we try to act inconsistently with our beliefs—such as trying to create wealth or relationships when we have beliefs that act as barriers, or trying to stop procrastination when we have beliefs that necessitate it—we are aware both of the struggle to change and our inability to produce lasting change. But when the belief(s) is gone, we unconsciously do whatever we choose to do and there is no resistance.  We just automatically do it. Here’s a metaphor that makes very real what happens in your life when you eliminate limiting beliefs. When you drive down a highway and come across a barrier in the middle of the road, you are aware of your inability to drive on. Just like clay, you can sculpt the body by dragging the mouse around each point.  Want to have narrow shoulders with meaty forearms, or sculpt curvaceous thighs and small feet? The former controls how muscular your Sim looks with abs and all, while the latter controls their chubbiness. The boots will now go over the pants, however, if you wear bell bottoms, the boots tuck under the pants. This feature has been widely endorsed by fans for months yet EA & Maxis opted not to include it in Sims 4. Sure being affected by room design is cool but the graphics don’t look as good as sims 3 for me. The 1st is the shadowing efects, the detail of resolution of textures and shapes and roughly the number of polygons used in models. Doable, maybe, if EA devoted all it’s workers to the TS4 and spent over a decade on it. If Maxis decided to implement height and released TS4 ten years from now (hypothetically), a majority of people would rise in up cry against the wait. I guess if they’re finally adding legit east Asian facial structures, that would be nice. If you believe Life is difficult, you will experience things not going the way you wanted them to go as upsetting obstacles rather than exciting challenges.  If you believe I’m not capable or I’m not competent, would you likely try to do something you believe you can’t do?  And if you tried, do you think you would succeed with these beliefs?

The biggest barrier an organization faces is not in the world (competition, government, costs, etc.), but in the minds of their employees. Because there is no resistance, because we are able to make the change so easily, we frequently are not even aware that the old barriers are gone.
The other is what do you make with the graphic power you have, is like painting a picture, i can use the same brush ,the same paint and the same technique, and still y can draw a picasso, a cartoon or a realistic painting of someone’s model, the same here i think the sims 3 have a doll like artistic style, and the sims 4 is using a similar graphic quality but have a more cartoonish artistic style like the sims 2 that where similar.
Most likely it will have the same stages at TS3, but probably won’t include the Infant stage in CAS, since they never have before and it seems somewhat pointless. To make height work properly, the team would have to create multiple replicas of the same animation to make sure they wouldn’t clash, and TS already has a large number of animations as it is. In the Sims 3 it was just one general slider, so you couldn’t have, say, a fat person with small arms or a skinny person with big thighs. The trailer video likened body customization in the Sims 4 to molding clay, and I think that is pretty cool!
If it were an all in one game with no expansion packages needed it would definitely push on my favour button. Do you have any idea how much programming goes into these types of games as it is, regardless of quality? Plus they’re basically scrapping all the animations and molds from previous games, so they have to start from scratch. Or my best friend who is quite tall… it would bring a greater variety to the characters in the game!
Your reality with those beliefs does not include the possibility of acquiring wealth easily, if at all. Without those beliefs the possibility comes into existence.

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