Many of us perceive Apple as a company that makes their own rules and does their own things. What if you don’t have a credit card or if you don’t want to enter the details of your credit card? We will be creating a new Apple ID, and while doing so, we will select “None.” Selecting “None” as the payment option ensures that you can download apps and games from the iTunes App Store. Now you free iTunes account is set up and you can now download apps and games on your iOS devices.
Sidharth Rathore is Tech Blogger and Gamer, who love's to write about Mobile Tips, How to Guides, Google, Microsoft, Android and Games. Several days ago, we were tinkering with our iPhone, trying to create a new Apple account, also known as Apple ID, so that we could download some apps on it.
As we noted above, if you don't yet have an Apple ID, you'll want to create one now to get started with Apple Music.
It additionally makes up the backbone of iCloud, Apple's cloud-based sync and backup service, and lets you redownload items you've purchased on your other computers. Enter in your email address, create a password and security questions, enter in a rescue email along with your date of birth, and choose whether to subscribe to iTunes Store emails.
In the Music app, tap the Account button (looks like a silhouette) in the upper left corner. Get a custom feed from your favorites sites and social accounts using Shared Links in Safari. If you think it's time to break-up with Spotify, we're here to hold your hand as you cut the final chord—ahem—and cancel that subscription.
One thing that makes the 12.9-inch iPad Pro stand out is the size of its display, but that also means more screen to get scratched. It might be nice to include the process for those who prefer to use iTunes cards instead of a credit card for their purchases.
As mentioned in the Apple forum, following the steps given below should help you download free apps without adding credit card details.

Once the iTunes is installed, run the application on your desktop and go to the iTunes store located at top right of the window. Once you try to install the application on iTunes a new popup will appear on your screen and ask you to enter the Apple ID detail and Password.
From the next page accepts the Itunes Terms and Conditions, now enter your details to create your account and hit the Continue button . Chances are you've already created an Apple ID; if you have an iCloud account, for instance, or you've ever purchased music on iTunes, you're all set and can log in. An Apple ID is what you'll use to not only sign up for the company's streaming service, but also to buy music, movies, TV shows, and even apps.
Don’t let that worry you, and instead keep it protected with Amzer’s Kristal clear screen protector.
Even the free apps available in abundance in the iTunes App Store cannot be downloaded through iTunes. The iPhone was actively refusing to create a new Apple ID for us unless we provided it with some credit card information. Subscribe to my Blog Feed in a feed reader or sign up for Free Email Updates and you'll never miss a single post. For example, I created a playlist which contains new songs that we "liked" (hearted) and downloaded (for offline listening) from AppleMusic. Apple has designed a strategy that works in their favor — as we add credit card details, we may subconsciously download and pay for paid apps (which is not necessarily a bad thing). And enter all your detail like Address, City, Pincode and Phone number to complete the process.
As any intelligent individual would do in such a case, we brought up Google in hopes to find a solution to the issue. Once you're ready with providing Apple the information it requires, hit "Create Apple ID" at the bottom of the page. Anyway, for users who are looking to download free apps from the iTunes App Store, we have a workaround that might just save you from all the headache you have gone through.

This method, for some reason, works only when you are using iTunes to create a new account. Then here is a detailed guide which you can follow on your Desktop to create a iTunes Account without Credit card. Eventually, we managed to avoid the said requirement, but it took us quite a bit of searching before we came across a solution that actually worked.
Unless you've forgotten to fill out any of the required fields, you should be taken to a page that lets you know that it is time to verify your email address.
That's why we thought we'd put together this how-to guide, meant help souls who happen to end up in our situation.
Select "Store" on the left and, if you see an email address already in the "Apple ID" section, tap it. Note that there might be a couple of them, and one contains a "Verify Now >" link that you need to click. You should get a notification saying that your account is not ready to be used yet and that your info has to be reviewed. After clicking on the said link, you'll be taken to a confirmation page, acknowledging the verification of your email address.
On the next page you'll be asked to provide some more information, including the details for your credit card. Even though you are creating the account without choosing a credit card, Apple still requires you to enter your name, address and phone number. Using a computer (it's easier), go to your BSD email and look for the verification email from Apple.

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