COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Columbus Crew has rolled out a new logo, part of a brand makeover intended to make the 18-year-old Major League Soccer club more a part of the regional sports landscape.
The new club badge (above), was unveiled by investor-operator and chairman Anthony Precourt at an event where he shared the stage with Columbus Mayor Michael B. The new Columbus Crew Soccer Club brand will be fully implemented next year, but the club will start rolling out stadium signage, merchandise and digital displays this year. The circular badge replaces the shield-shaped logo featuring  three construction-crew workers. Displaying the club’s full name around the outer ring is intended to make a stronger connection to the city while the inner ring mirrors the circular shape within the state flag of Ohio to emphasize Columbus as the capital city. That crest sits atop nine black and gold diagonal lines which symbolize the club’s history as the first member of the original 10 charter clubs that formed the MLS.

Coleman and Precourt also announced that the club is investing $100,000 in food, retail and artistic elements at Crew Stadium that reflect well-known Columbus’ neighborhoods like German Village and the Short North. Starting next year, all Ohio children will get a complimentary Crew ticket on their 11th birthday as part of a new program Precourt says is aimed at increasing the fan base and widening the club’s regional appeal. The national calorie disclosure aims to help consumers battle the bulge since Americans eat and drink about one-third of their calories away from home.
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The new version still uses the team’s black and gold colors, with white as an accent color, as a nod to Columbus’ German heritage by way of the circular German Bundesliga club crests, Precourt said.
The number “96” adorning the club’s original crest refers to the year the Crew was founded. A black and gold checkerboard pattern denotes the club’s “unique and passionate fan culture,” Precourt said. Building on our over 20 years of experience, we offer secure shopping and fast shipping, all combined with our real-time inventory system so you know the products you see are the products we have in stock.

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