The design we’ll be creating features a range of vibrant and colourful shapes which stack to produce an abstract array of bright and electrifying colours. Use the Direct Selection tool to select the four inner points and give them all a black fill.
Use the Lasso tool to draw a looping selection around a collection of points in the lower left then give these points a bright red fill. Continue around the shape selecting groups of points and giving each collection a fill according to the colour spectrum.
Once you’ve made your way around the shape it should be completely filled with red, orange, yellow, gree, blue and purple with each colour flowing smoothly into the next. Repeat the process with another random shape, then change the blending mode of both objects to Screen. Hold ALT while dragging a shape to duplicate it, then scale and rotate various duplicates of each object to begin filling the document. Add duplicates to the full width and height of the artboard and extend the shapes beyond the edges so the whole document is filled with abstract shapes. As the lines overlap each individual shape becomes disguised amongst the array of vibrant colours.
Draw another rectangle to match the size of the artboard, but give this one a white stroke.
Export your electrifying vibrant design for use as a desktop wallpaper, poster or whatever takes your fancy. Access All Areas members gain instant access to 100s of premium design resources & source files. I love the way you provide these tutorials and I don’t mean thanks that is free (well, yeah that too) but also that they are so easy to follow. I think this is a good tutorial for help, I will use this to help my knowlege grow for my future. As discussed in part 1, the biggest challenge when it comes to designing project portfolio (program) level dashboards is that, End users want it very concise yet powerful. We have identified important needs of our end users & come up with a mock up design that meets all these. First let us understand the design philosophy for this dashboard, because that is what drives all the Excel work. Structural references as much as possible so that formulas are readable, editable & dynamic. This dashboard display follow box layout with simple colors, easy charts, picture links & lots of conditional formatting goodness.
To understand the important Excel features used in this, see below image & following list. These fonts are specified in dashboard’s theme so that they apply by default when opened in any computer. Since the workbook uses macros, I have added a warning message that shows up when macros are disabled. Since all this explanation might not do justice to the work, I made a short video [12 mins] explaining how the dashboard works.
Now you can get this and 4 other project portfolio management templates (including simplified portfolio dashboard, time line chart, gantt chart templates). Extract the first 5 corresponding Project IDs and feed them to calculations for rest of the display. Received the Email with discount for previous PM purchases after I already placed my order, can you refund 20%   wasn't sure where to contac tyou directly  I can provide Transaction information when you contact me! Hi Chandoo,Your PM dashboards impressed me so much that I’ve downloaded the Portfolio and Project Management package.
Can the portfolio management dashboard  be translated to spanish?   can the translation affect the functionality?

I want to know if I will always have to convert the reports to pdf before I sent them to the project team or I am able to e-mail them on an excel format? Besides that, I understand there is conditional formatting but I was wondering how the reference to the cell valGantstart links to show the "today line" for the gantt chart when the formula to show the "today line" on conditional formatting refers to this valGantstart. Hi Chandoo, your portfolio template is great, the one issue is the progress on teh project, if 100% is added in progress, it does not fully display, All that I see is ##### on teh dashboard. Have downloaded the trial portfolio template to see how the various elements work but the 'calculations' worksheet is hidden so I am unable to establish how the data is calculated? Kindly explain how your percentage of Projects done on the dashboard is calculated as this seems to depend on the budget? Is there way to display a line to show the 'Baseline' within the dashboard under the Plan section? I purchased, nice presentation on the Port Dash, seems basic on the data entry side of things. I would like to know apart from the Dashboard usage, can we have a facility to extract as a report showing all Projects status report as read only to all Stakeholders, I am not interested in sharing the whole Dashboard as it comprises of complex code.
All I am looking is a button, which extract whole dashboard as a report in PDF or jpg format to share it with all stake holders.
I'm about to get the dashboard but will need to have that feature as the Stakeholders will not be needing all the info the Prog Mgr sees. I purchased Portfolio dashboard yesterday; I am trying to modify it by adding Customer in front of Project name, estimated hours, and hours spent - I tried replacing Budget and spent title, and $$ format to number - the dashboard choked.
Then I just tried to add columns in Project details, Customer, estimated hours, and hours spent. Explore your local network's topology, document LAN layout, and create diagrams easily with our network diagrammer program!
Create and save network diagrams in popular graphical formats, copy and paste diagrams to documents, print them, or export to Microsoft Visio for further processing.
Our program will discover your network topology and you can draw network diagrams easily using our powerful network diagram editor.
Would you like to draw a network map but you do not know how to work with MS Visio and other complicated products? Try our program for free and see how fast and easily you can draw LAN diagrams and discover network topology in the automatic mode using SNMP. Would you like to inspect and discover networks at your customer's sites and save network diagrams for future analyzing? Scan your prospect's networks using a laptop with our network diagrammer program, build network diagrams and maps, save or print them, and decide how to deploy your devices better into the existing prospect's network infrastructure. A ready network diagram can be saved as a vector (Windows Metafile) or raster (JPEG, PNG, BMP) image, or exported to a Microsoft Visio document. Starting from the version 2.2, the program can create global networks diagrams using route tracing. 10-Strike Network Diagram has a more powerful graphics engine with vector icons support, but it cannot monitor state of your network devices as 10-Strike LANState Pro can. The design is entirely made of vector elements so it can be scaled to any size you wish, whether it’s an iPhone wallpaper or super sized poster. Place a black rectangle across the artboard as a background then set up the Pencil tool with a moderate smoothness setting.
The gradient mesh adds extra points in the centre of the shape which we’ll use to give the shape the various colours.
Draw a rectangle to match the outline of the artboard, then with both the group and rectangle selected go to Object > Clipping Mask > Make. The simple steps of building up layers of colourful shapes soon brought this design to life.
What would you say if i’ll tell you that i made this image in 10 minutes after i’ve read your article?

I added some extra circles with gradients and used the Overlay blend mode to boost the colour a bit as my design needed a bit more pizazz but the tutorial was easy to follow and the results totally rock. With this new features you can create cover page easily just fill in the title, author, date and other information.By default there are 15 cover page design template in Microsoft office 2007 gallery, if you need more cover design design for Microsoft word 2007 you can download from Microsoft website. Since each plan has its own table, getting selected project’s table is necessary to drive all calculations. All these files are easy to use, beautiful to present, fully customizable, unlocked and designed to make you awesome. The only issue I'm having is, when I change an activity to 100%, it's showing ##### on the Dashboard Gannt.
One alternative is to show list of holidays that occur in the filtered date range in legend area of the dashboard. In Dashboard tab, the scroll bar displays each project, but in my case,  the entry Months displays ZERO. I koow you have mentioned that it takes upto 24 hrs to send the link but could you send it to me at the earliest. According to user-defined IP ranges and scanning methods, the application attempts to locate devices within the network.
The program can print the diagram on paper with options for setting the printing quality, position on page, and page orientation. In addition to almost the same network diagrammer features as 10-Strike Network Diagram has, LANState Pro contains a network device status monitor that allows you to see the state of network devices on a graphic diagram in the real time, and to receive notifications when your network devices go down or recover.
This is the main difference between these two mapping programs while the network topology discovery engine is the same. Draw a random shape with your mouse or pen tablet with an aim to keep the outline nice and smooth. I think the final workbook summarizes performance of a bunch of projects in a concise yet powerful way. Every week you will receive an Excel tip, tutorial, template or example delivered to your inbox. Available search methods include pinging over ICMP, scanning specified TCP ports, and attempting to convert IP address to MAC (ARP).
With simple manipulations, required icons can be placed on a diagram, linked with connection lines, and marked with areas. Not to say one way is better then the next, it’s just weird how people think different. DoneI often using this new Microsoft Word features to create cover design ?? Posted by Fz 0 Responses  Liked this post? What more, as a joining bonus, I am giving away a 25 page eBook containing 95 Excel tips & tricks.
The application runs several parallel threads for searching for devices within a specified range. Do you recommend this be owned by 1 manager or could this be stored on SharePoint and be updated by several people?
The application can also locate devices with active SNMP agents: switches, network printers, routers, etc. Using the data obtained from the switches over SNMP, the application draws graphic connections between the network devices it has found.

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