Saturday morning I had some much needed down-time, and time to reflect on this beautiful legacy that Gitz is leaving in my life… that of embracing creativity and celebrating joy.
I'm a natural connector both online and IRL and I become positively giddy when my diverse communities collide with one another! She is a JOY-filled creative who has inspired a legacy of choosing joy despite her circumstances.
Tam and Alece had organized a community tat effort and enlisted the design expertise of Trevor and all this creativity and community inspired me to contribute.

During a trip to Africa the perfect trifecta of my first DSLR, mission trip, and dream-location happened and my love of photography became a reality.
The second one was what I originally had in my head ?? When I cam home Adam was like, I thought you were getting joy in red? I have been contemplating getting one in Sara’s honor and as a reminder to choose joy even while struggling with everything carsyn is going through.
Words dance around in my brain and often land amidst scraps of paper, find their way into journals, or etch themselves into blinking pixels.

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