Brand identity is one of the cornerstones of good business, which is why a great logo is essential. Whatever medium you’re designing for, from letterheads to banners, Logo Design Studio has hundreds of industry-based templates to inspire you. For those without the design expertise to create their own logo from scratch, Logo Design Studio is a great, easy-to-use alternative, with bags of creative potential. One note though, the demo version of this software might contain all of the functionality of the paid offering, but it’s also been packaged with lower quality images to keep the size of the download down. The most valuable part of the survey question was the voluntary comments people contributed. With this comment, I hear desire to be creative, or at least be in control, but there is also fear – of the unknown, failure, etc.… I think this is common for many entrepreneurs. If this sounds like you, you are likely uninterested in being creative with your logo design. I’ve shared a little insight into how some people feel about creating their own logo designs. Learn2Logo is all about the research and decision-making that is the foundation of creating a custom logo design–from what your business is about, to what you sell, to who you serve, and why.
I’ve put together a Logo Design Success Toolkit that contains some of the resources I’ve developed and collected for the ecourse, and I’d love to share it with you.
For those who don’t want to cough up big money for a design firm, Logo Design Studio provides all of the easy-to-use tools that you’ll need to make your own unique logo. The simply laid out workspace provides you with thousands of graphic objects and artwork, creative textures, slogans and special effects to help you make a striking and unique logo for your brand – be it a business, sports team or even just an event. With thousands of examples and assets to work with, you’re almost guaranteed to find something that catches your eye.
Our advice is to give the demo a try, and if you’re getting results that you’re happy with, upgrade to the full software for a high-quality end result.
I asked questions about research people have done to find ecourses, how they like to have material delivered, how often, etc.

The creative ideas might be yelling to get out, but either you don’t have the tools or skills to capture them.
It’s better left to the professionals, but I like the idea of understanding what makes a good logo design for branding purposes. If this is you, it shows respect for the graphic designer, as well as respect for yourself and your business. I worked for an indie publishing press and we brainstormed about a logo design that would be both unique and timeless. If you can relate to this description, it’s clear that you are aware of needing logo design variations or versions, depending on the application.
I want to have input for my logo design, but I want a professional designer to handle the design process and give me ideas and options. If this sounds like you, congratulations for not commissioning a logo design contest based on a questionnaire, but that’s a topic for another post. Now, let me tell you a little bit about my upcoming ecourse, Learn2Logo & Launch Your Brand.
Within minutes you’ll have a professional-standard logo made to your exact standards and specifications. With a comprehensive set of editing tools you’ll be able to tweak and alter your logo as much as you want. Or vice versa, plenty of skill with the right tools, but not a single flipping idea of where to start, or what to create. You may recognize creating a logo design is not your strong point, or even a weak point, and you rightly choose to have someone else design your logo. There’s a lot you can learn about yourself and your business while going through a logo design project.
You fully understand the value of hiring a skilled professional, yet you also see the value of understanding how the logo design process works, and can be applied in other areas of your business. Plus, with a team to brainstorm, many challenges can be addressed at the beginning, avoiding possible future frustrations with logo design applications.

Multiple ideas and options are very important, but it’s critical for the designer to get your input so the logo designs truly represent you and your business. I’ve spent the better part of a year researching, writing, reading, and learning how to create an ecourse all about logo design. And I’ve made sure to structure the ecourse to accommodate people who want to be creative, as well as those who want a professional to complete the design process.
I’m sure you’ve experienced something similar before: your ideas go into overdrive for someone else’s project, and the well dries up when it’s time to work on your own projects, right?
You obviously don’t want to waste your valuable time, and believe hiring a logo designer is a good business investment. Everything will become stronger for your efforts, even if you hire a logo designer to complete the process you started.
Plus, you are aware that a logo design is not a one-and-done project, but a foundational piece of your brand.
This combination of input and ideas will result in an original logo design that is perfect for you.
I’ve waffled, stressed, put it down, picked it up, hid from it, and hid it away– all in the name of fear. This is a very good thing for me, since I’m developing a logo design ecourse: instant validation of my idea. I believe most graphic designers would be happy to help finish something that shows determination and effort, even if your design skills are not the strongest.
But I can’t let that stop me from sharing the topic I love, and finally complete and launch my ecourse in 2016.

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