Tattoos are good options for covering up injury marks or scars, as it beautifully conceals any unpleasant memory. Word tattoos are tattoo arts that are mainly comprised of words or phrases having some form of personal significance to the wearer. You can choose from the word tattoo ideas presented above or create your own tattoo by taking inspiration from these. Scar tattoos essentially are of two types – one, to cover up any scar or injury mark on the body; second, to get a tattoo which is designed like an injury mark. They are quite popular among people who want to create a style statement that is cool yet different. You can choose to do a word tattoo that illustrates the lines of a poem, a personal motto, an inspirational idea, or maybe even lines from the Bible.

These types of tattoos are common with people who have survived a serious illness or have gone through a painful experience.
Both English word tattoos as well as tattoos in other foreign languages are equally popular among tattoo lovers. Cancer survivors, accident survivors and people with a traumatic life experience are often seen flaunting scar tattoos. Sometimes a word tattoo can also be accompanied by other shapes and designs such as floral prints and swirls.
They are designed in such a way so that the color and the layout create an art form which disguises the injury to make it beautiful and a work of art. You can experiment with the font styles, sizes and colors to create variations in your word tattoos.

Scar tattoos can also be designed by scarring one’s own body to get an artistic injury mark; but this method of getting tattoos is highly discouraged and should not be done. They are popular with both men and women and can be worn practically on any part of the body.

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