Custom Design your water bottle with our easy to use Buggy Designs, Create Your Own design tool.
Banish plastic bottles from your life with our eco friendly and oh so stylish water bottle from Clairebella. Please take extra care when personalizing as all customized products are made just for you and are final sale. Oxygen water, or oxygenated water, can be created through a variety of processes.A  But before we get to that… why create it at all?
Everyone is in search of more energy, health and wellness.A  Everyone wants the solution for having more vitality and to feel good on a daily basis. The first two things we absolutely need for survival and health are oxygen and water.A  Oxygen, water are needed every second in order for the body to function. Water is made up of hydrogen ions (H+) linked to hydroxyl ions (OH-) to form H2O.A  The molecular formula for water is H2O.

Electrolysis a method of separating elements by pushing an electric current through a compound. Electrolysis – uses electricity as the source of energy to drive the reaction that converts Water to Hydrogen and Oxygen. Okay, but using electrolysis only separates the oxygen molecules from the water…A  How do you stabilize oxygen in the water itself?A  Well, that’s a great question! NOTE: Information on this web site is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended to prescribe treatment of any medical condition. Tote this colorfully personalized water bottle wherever you go…the gym, the park, the office or shopping. Printed colors and pattern image sizes may vary slightly between products and what is displayed on your screen. When the body is able take in an adequate amount, then life can be sustained.A A  But for optimal health then optimal intake levels need to be established and consistently maintained.

Just do what you love to do: draw the pictures, record voices, load your favorite music tracks, and enjoy the results. Select from a large selection of designer patterns including Chevrons, IKATS and Bold Geometrics. Choose your color, font and preppy monogram or initials with a few simple clicks… and voila, you have designed a one of a kind creation.

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