The cross tattoo designs presented here are some of the most widely used as they all speak deeply to the people carrying them.
If you are looking for an outlandish tattoo design with a religious or spiritual connotation, opt for a nice praying hands tattoo design that will perfectly suit your tastes. The praying tattoo ideas presented above will surely go a long way to enhance your overall appearance. Check out the cool scripture tattoos depicted in this site as they are sure to have a dramatic effect. Not only that, you are not required to be an ardent follower of any particular religion to sport one in your skin. Praying has been a sacred practice in all religions, and sporting a praying hands tattoo can be a good way of expressing one’s religious beliefs.
The main reason why cross tattoo designs are so popular is that they signify different meanings that appeal personally to people coming from diverse backgrounds and having different personalities.

The tattoo is actually inspired from a famous painting called “The Praying Hands” by Albrecht Durer. Although the Cross is the most widely used symbol for Christianity, it may also be sported by people for various personal reasons such as the memory of a loved one. Apart from serving as a symbol of our faith, it can also act as a memoriam for a departed soul. Sometimes a cross tattoo can also be combined with rosary beads which gives it a very distinct look. They also bring the memoirs of an ancient, bygone world to the present age, thus allowing people to reflect on our forefather’s deeds and times. There are a number of praying hands tattoo designs that one can choose from which differ greatly in their style, size, coloration, and overall look. Scripture tattoos are usually characterized by their intricate detailing as well as their classic feel.

The tattoo can also be accompanied by other designs such as a cross, rosary beads or flowers.
Along with biblical quotes and symbols, one can also sport imageries such as Gates of Heaven, the Dove of Peace, scripture sleeves, hands and the Cross. These tattoos can be sported by both men and women on various parts of the body, such as the chest, the back, the neck, arms and ribs.

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