Dawn Lhamo, the owner of Sakura Designs, will help to create and craft your special mala, with care. Malas are the "innermost" personal, sacred tool for your meditation and spiritual practice. Custom designs do not go "on sale," so there may be a price difference in materials from website.
Custom Designs can take one to two weeks to complete, please note the time for special occasions and holidays.
Each piece uses variable, natural materials, and we will try to accommodate most custom requests.

Each meditation practice is different and may require custom marker placement and materials. For materials where an adjustable knot is available, we will choose a harmonious colored cord and beaded ends, these materials vary and are choice limited so cannot be customized. Probably not the best idea since the first time I wore them in a downpour, the colors started to bleed.
I bought them from an independent vendor who sold a few of the earlier styles made by TOMS (one might even call them vintage), and this particular design was originally blue stripes on white, similar to the Yankees baseball uniform I suppose.
Custom upholstered in choice of fabric or leather from our extensive range of designer fabrics.

However, I can no longer find her site anymore so there’s no way I could direct you to it, or order more to design for that matter. But I hope you can buy a plain pair for yourself to experiment on and let your imagination go wild!

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