The 100% preshrunk cotton tees make a great option for school field trips, functions, and class shirts and foundation run walk events. Kirkwood Trading Company will be happy to quote any custom t-shirt needs you may have for your youth organizations, team, or school. They say imitation is the best flattery and we can dig the fact that younger local t-shirt companies use our marketing materials and blog posts to build their content.
As a Saint Louis custom t-shirt screen printer we operate with old school values and we’ve taken a few jobs in the teeth to get those customers to come back and give us another opportunity. If you have a need for custom t-shirts, hoodies, jerseys, hats, bags, shorts, sweatpants, coffee mugs, performance shirts, ladies apparel, oxfords, polos, youth apparel, spirit wear, team wear, school store, school play, etc, whew!, contact the Kirkwood Trading Company. Design t-shirts online with our Online t-shirt design studio only at Kirkwood Trading Company. To design t-shirts online is to have creative control and hands on input in on something really cool! Since we print in-house we save our customers a ton of money compared to other online t-shirt design companies. If you want to check out the online design studio and start to design t-shirts online with us and see how fun it can be, you can click here and start having fun. Custom printed spirit shorts such as basketball style shorts that come in a variety of inseam lengths will always been in style in both the micro mesh and performance poly options. From a screen printers point of view one print tend on custom printed spirit shorts that has kind of gone by the wayside was the bottom or seat print.
When it comes to custom printed cinch bags you have options in regards to fabrics such as nylon or polyester. Then there is size as custom printed cinch bags come in a variety of sizes and from very big like a backpack size to a smaller more personal carry bag. While the custom printed performance poly tech shirts will come in your basic colors, they will also come in your brighter colors such as your safety green and orange, vibrant greens, yellows, blues and reds. The custom printed performance poly tech shirts come in a variety of styles for men and women including v-necks, short sleeve, long sleeve, and shirts with contrast piping or accents. Custom printed comfort colors tees are very popular among the high school and college crowds and especially the greek life arena. What’s unique about custom printed comfort colors tees is that this brand offers colors that nobody else does. While custom printed comfort colors tees are higher priced than your basic tees, once you wear them you’ll see what all the rage is about. Here is a link to our online catalog where you can see all the styles and colors available for the Chouinard Comfort Colors. Custom baseball tees make a great option for school’s and team sports the available colors are also the colors that are popular for school colors. Cheapest custom t-shirts in Saint Louis is probably the greatest buzz line to attract traffic. First things first, if you are looking to have custom t-shirts made by any web based company, the big ones who advertise and take up the first three advertising places on google, you are paying way too much for your custom t-shirts. You don’t have to purchase you custom t-shirts locally, however when you do the percentage of you getting the best price possible is very high. Kirkwood Trading Company has been screen printing custom t-shirts in Saint Louis for over 20 years.
If you have an interest in a custom class t-shirt, Kirkwood Trading Company will be happy to assist in a price quote as well as design. With the web’s best collection of art and fonts, the Design Lab makes it easy to create custom t-shirts your group will love. Rally support for a cause, loved one, group or project by selling custom t-shirts and collecting donations online.
Meet our team, find out why Fortune magazine named us a great place to work, or get in touch if you think we should be partners. Whether you’re restocking an entire order or just need a few more, Inkers make the process quick and easy.
We’ll be more than happy to speak with you about your order and provide you with no hassle price quote. Technology is fantastic and one of the great innovations for the custom screen printing business is the ability for people to design their very own t-shirts and then order them. The first option enables you to upload your very own design or logo into the studio and place it anywhere you want on the shirt.
Our online design studio gives you access to all of our products including sweat pants, shorts, t-shirts, polos, and a variety of performance apparel, youth apparel, and ladies apparel.
Those companies take your order and send it somewhere else in the United States to get printed. The nice thing about most of the popular brands of custom printed sports shorts is that they are budget friendly, especially if you are purchasing bulk higher than quantities of 24 pieces.
There is nothing more frustrating from a printers stand point than trying to print on the seat of a 3 inch inseam short or a mesh short with a high seam.
The are very versatile and handy and serve a variety of purposes from being a brand item on their own or as giveaways which can be stuffed with all kinds of other promotional items.
What used to be 5 or 6 color options have grown to 15 colors depending on style, size, material and brand. The number of orders we have had for custom printed cinch bags has increased ten fold over the past few years.
100% polyester moisture wicking performance t-shirts hold the distinction of a shirt that people either love or hate.

The are easy care shirts and men who do their own laundry should really be on board with them because the interlock poly are basically wrinkle free.
My personal preference on the jersey knit is the Gildan 42000 performance tee and on the poly interlock is the A4 cooling performance tee. From the printing perspective there is only one major change we need to make in order to provide customers with vibrant prints on their custom printed performance poly tech shirts. Due to their garment dye process they can create unique colors that are completely different from any other shirt brand out there. While they are garment dyed they have figured out a way to keep shirt very soft and they are softer than your basic cotton tees. You can contact Kirkwood Trading Company and we’ll be happy to provide you with a price on custom printed comfort colors tees. What were once a new style of tee and fashion trend a few decades ago has now resurfaced with a vengeance.
We have printed them for bachelor and bachelorette parties, ball teams, and even companies doing a special promotion and walk teams for foundation fundraising walks such as Autism Speaks and Komen race for a cure.
Like anyone who produces a quality product, there is a tug of war between the real value of the term cheap.
The reason being is this larger companies for the most part of just brokers, they aren’t actual printers.
A shop you can visit and see they print t-shirts in-house and are not local brokers, means that you will be getting a fair price on your t-shirts and not paying more than you need to. Whether it’s a graduating class, a special group, or simply a sports team that made it to the finals.
Kirkwood Trading Company is a Saint Louis based custom t-shirt and logo apparel screen printing company.
On occasion things go hey wire and it’s how you handle those situations that makes a customer come back for another shot or go elsewhere next time.
For those to love to have creative control on your custom tshirt designs, this online design studio is great.
Depending on the format of your file you may or may not be able to change colors of your design and play with it. The fact that the company taking the order doesn’t do the printing means you are paying more than you need to because they take a big chunk, and printer gets a chunk and then there are higher than normal shipping costs.
They make great door prizes typically where a sponsor logo goes on the bag and other smaller sponsored items go inside. Anytime things are getting added to inks the price goes up because of the cost of material and labor involved in preparing the material. Years ago light blue cinch bags for instance, were hard to come by where today they are readily available. There are also the converts who swore them off and perhaps received one free from a marketing give away, and the rest was history, they revamped their wardrobe with all poly tech shirts. There are two main options which are a jersey knit which has a texture similar to a regular t-shirt and then there is the poly interlock which is the slick and smooth texture than typically has a bit of a sheen to it. While they are nice they do command a higher budget because these shirts are garment dyed, meaning that their colors comes from a dye process once the shirt is made, not the strands of cotton themselves before the shirt is put together. Our turn around time is 4-6 business days from date order is placed until order is printed and ready for shipping or pick up. Now more companies are manufacturing custom baseball tees which means more styles and colors and fabrics.
Custom baseball tees make a great product for marketing because they are unique and they stand out. Cheap really has the connotation of poorly made and business owners hate to even hear the word cheap.
So you are paying a company who is basically just an order taker who then ships your order off to a centralized printer who then prints the shirts and then ships to you. The Cheapest custom t-shirts in Saint Louis are typically going to come from a company who has been in business for several years who has worked out all the kinks over time, hires professional printers who take pride in their work, and a company that builds relationships that builds repeat business. We may not actually be the cheapest but we would be lower than most and more importantly, you’ll get quality tees with a super fast turn around time. We offer customers the opportunity to get their design or logo printed on t-shirts, sweatshirts, pants, shorts, bags, and even coffee mugs. The kids wear them every day and it is just a neat way to remember a special group of kids. The Dryblend is a great choice for kids jerseys and uniforms because they do provide some moisture management capabilities without the price tag of performance shirts.
They came up with a name, approved the design, and picked their numbers and away we went with the printing process.
There are no statistics available on customer retention across our local industry but as a company with continued growth, we have to have one of, if not the highest customer retention in the area. Since we print in-house and we order shirts in to be printed and then ship out direct when finished, there is no middle many and shipping costs are very minimal. Custom printed spirit shorts are always a popular option for teams, spirit wear, and the school store. We have printed custom printed cinch bags for schools, team sports, corporate sponsors, scouts, school classes, nursing schools, golf tournaments, and many more. The only tough thing now is finding them in stock as they are probably the most popular color for custom printed cinch bags. Both shirts perform the same in regards to wicking moisture away from the body and both will be anti microbial and light weight.

Badger brand also makes a great lineup of custom printed performance poly tech shirts but they tend to be just a bit pricier than the Gildan and A4 models. This provides a better attraction to the poly material than a standard ink or cotton ink would. Custom printed comfort colors tees come in a variety of options from your basic tee, women’s cut tees, long sleeve tees, pocket tees, tank tops, sweatshirts, and ringer tees. 10 years ago only two major manufacturers produced baseball tees and today over 6 companies produce them. I know when we do our own promotions or print a run of our own logo t-shirts to give out to customers, a couple runs are the baseball tees because we know they are popular so people will wear them. This is a perfect example of a custom t-shirt, or in this case, a sweatshirt, where the kids will wear it throughout the school year and then it’ll probably get tucked away and forgotten for years to come until that one day they stumble upon it. Youth sports like to keep expenses low, the Dryblends are a great option for various sports because they can work as jerseys for soccer, volleyball, lacrosse, basketball, tennis, softball, and just about any other youth sport where parents don’t want the expense of formal jerseys. The second option is our online design studio is chalk full of clip art and fonts that you can choose and create your custom t-shirts from scratch.
While shorts will always be a great option for teams and fundraising, like everything else they do follow trends.
Again, because of the versatility they lend themselves to being a great promotional item for so many occasions. We carry a full line of performance apparel and we’ll be happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have when looking at placing an order. So they have expanded their offering to gain more market share and offer shirt styles that appeal to everyone in some shape or form.
You can now get a larger variety of colors and styles to include short sleeve, long sleeve, raglan sleeves, and now the popular burnout tee.
Producing a quality product at a fair price would be considered cost effective but in the minds of the buyers they’d use the word cheap. While they claim there are no shipping costs there really are, they are just built into the price of the t-shirts. If you calculate your time and how little time we require from you on your t-shirt order, then perhaps we are the cheapest custom t-shirts in Saint Louis, who knows. I know we all had a special class, a special group of friends, or a team that did really well.
Louis with a lot of competition I wouldn’t fathom that we are the only company offering the highest quality custom tees. Over the course of a 100 shirt order, that’s $100-$300 savings we provide our customers when they choose to design t-shirts online with Kirkwood Trading Company. Currently the velocity short is popular which is generally a 2-tone short for women that are short with a tapered crease from the front panel to the back panel along the side. In addition these shirts come with white and grey base colors with different colored sleeves and now there are more colors and even more base colors on the shirts.
Either way, Kirkwood Trading Company produces the most cost effective cheapest custom t-shirts in Saint Louis. I cannot ship an order of printed t-shirts down the street for free, neither can the online companies.
The bottom line is if you are looking for a fair price from a reputable company, Kirkwood Trading Company has you covered.
It’s nice to go down memory lane and with a custom class t-shirt you can do just that. I know there are lots of companies who print very well and have experienced printers just as we do. There are a lot of hands involved which raises the price of the shirts and in the end, the company with which you ordered your t-shirts, never actually see your t-shirts. The great thing about class t-shirts is they are usually printed in higher quantities so the price per shirt is pretty low.
These are the kinds of shirts you wear for a while and tuck away only to be found years down the road when you are moving or going through keepsakes.
While there may be a hiccup on one out of one hundred jobs, we are going to make that hiccup right.
We treat every customer like they are our only customer and we treat our customers how we here at Kirkwood Trading Company like to be treated when we are someone else’s customer.
It’s simple old school ethics that I think a lot of companies in all industries take for granted.
I’m going to retire from a lot of orders from a lot of repeat customers over a period of many years. There aren’t many businesses that are a custom t-shirt screen printer in the area who are older than we are. The fact of being one of the oldest companies in a city in a particular industry is a testament to the people who work at a business, the way they do business, and the quality and reliability of their business. Nobody turns orders around on a consistent basis as quickly as we do here at Kirkwood Trading Company.
We do have a 12 shirt minimum because there is no money in single t-shirt orders and 9 times out of 10, for us to make money on an order less than 12 pieces, the price per shirt is cost prohibitive for you as a customer. As a custom t-shirt screen printer in Saint Louis, we offer our clients the highest quality product at a very fair price and a quick turn around.

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