Warranty for all of our products are covered by the Hildbrandt Comprehensive Warranty that is stated on the certificates that come with our products. Black Swan Liners will run from 4-8 volts range liners are often fast with a speed of 160 Hz with 35-48 duty.
When he started Iron Inx Machines the goal was to develop a quality machine that was easy to adjust and make your own.
All Iron INX machines are stocked with hand turned brass binders and high quality coil cores.
Beautiful appearance,special surface treatment 10  coils made from 0.5mm bronzeStable bouncing,strong rear magentic forceStays at a stable temperature even after hours of usage. This allows for the ultimate ability to custom tune your Iron INX machine to your liking to get your lines your way.

Each set of coils if hand wound using a winder that has a history of its own dating back longer than most of us have lived.
Only after a sight and sound test to ensure the integrity of the stock does the frame get cut and assembled.
Only the best wire using hand tension is used to achieve the uniformity of each layer in the 8 wraps. Brought up in an old school environment, he has been a part of the industry as an artist and machine builder for more than 25 years. After assembling each frame under goes a rigorous ritual of hand sanding filing and grinding to perfect the curves and lines of each machine. Throughout his career, he has built and rebuilt machines and it was a natural progression to machine building.

Though, most of the frames are blackened sometimes a single frame can scream out for a colour. Read This Before You Tat.A good tattoo artist will be excited about trying something new and will work with you to create a custom design.

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