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Hunter tries to update his online portfolio every few weeks, but sometimes he's busy making tattoos and doing paintings.
Maybe you could add links to the tools mentioned, as some are still kind of hard to find, namely the GXT Editor mentioned. 1965 ford mustang restomod coupe “sinister” by mustang depot at the mustangs at the queen mary 2013; 1967 mustang fastback custom at sema 2013. I just signed up to the boards because of this thread, but I did have a question to you.You see, I used a derived image from this site for the tribal wings to make it a back tattoo.

You can also call the shop at 858-274-7635 or stop by Funhouse Tattoo at 1453 Garnet Ave in Pacific Beach.
Hope you don't mind if I add this into mine (of course I will use my own images, and have my own way of explaining it all). But using what I learned from this one I was able to add several new items to Didier Sachs.
All went rather well, aside from perhaps two things, one of which I may already have the solution to. The problem, you see, is this: the back tattoo seems to cancel out the visibility of any arm tattoos.

Quite a pickle, because I was rather happy with those large wing-like things Could you perhaps help a guy out? All you gotta do is take the 4SPIDER (or whatever the tattoo you want to replace) tag and rename it to something out (MOERDER in this case).
Once you do that you can go down Tattoo Parlor section (line 1035) and make sure that 4spider (or the tag of the tattoo your using that is before the one we edited) shows up in the shops you want to be able to get your tattoo in.

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