For best results we strongly recommend the standard Temporary Tattoos that require a dab of water.
Temporary tattoos are fun, but they’re even better when they can be personalized with the camp’s name and logo.
They can cool off and amuse their friends on sweltering days with the battery-free Misty Mate Personal Cooler ($9.99 at The Container Store). Labeling everything will be less of a chore for both of you with a Camp Package ($58.99 at Oliver’s Labels). Personalize the double-strand Camp Color Buckle Bracelet ($20 at In Your Heart NY) with your child’s camp name and color.
Andrea Pyros is a freelance writer and mother of two who lives in New York's Hudson Valley.

This tattoo is mostly done on the back, or partial back which covers a good size and portion. Tattoos are not printed with conventional inks, therefore slight color variations may occur. Tattoos are not printed with conventional inks, therefore slight color variations may occur. The Camp Daze Mad Libs ($3.59 at Books-A-Million) lets them flesh out camp-themed stories with off-the-wall details. Get the Custom Temporary Tattoos (sheets starting at $12.99 at StickerYou), or choose from more than 10,000 images available in the gallery.
It’s sized just right for your child, so he or she can have hands-free light for nighttime hikes and also read in the bunk after lights-out.

This book includes a pen and photo as well as autograph pages, postcards, games, helpful outdoor info (like how to spot a poisonous plant) and blank space to record memories. The set includes 151 stickers and iron-on labels for shoes, clothing, sunglasses, bag tags and more. Perfect for special events, concerts, product promos and inserts, trade shows, sporting events and kidsa€™ giveaways.

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