There is no feeling that parallels the exhilaration of bringing a new life into this world. Foot prints, names and portraits or a combination of the three or two is the commonest and most popular of the lot but designs have a lot more variety.
The dazed expression on the face of the child symbolises his efforts to understand the world and its ways. The child puts his hands on his head in amazement at seeing the strangers who have come at his place. The musician father aspires his little kid to become a rock star in future and therefore, has a similar tattoo on his arm.
The small tattoo on the chest showing the sleeping baby is a pointer to the security babies feel in the bosom of their mothers. A colored tattoo with the name of the child shows the mother holding the baby in her hands and lulling it into sleep. A red-faced portrait of the new-born baby with an innocent look indicates the disbelief in its eyes. A baby sleeping cozily into the comfort of angel wings is symbolic of the warmth of mother’s lap. A cute little baby girl looking glad in her twin ponytails smiles bright having been carved as a tattoo image.
Baby footprints carved along with name and holy cross is for the twin daughters born to the woman.
This tattoo stands for the robot like agility mother has to bring into herself when a child comes into her life. Footprints carved on the leg of the father stand for the love and affection of the dad who guides the child at every step in his life. The girl child playing with her toy looks afraid about the fact that her doll might be stolen. The lovely little steps hanging atop the mother’s feet carved with foot print tattoo melt your heart with emotions.
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A simple black-ink baby feet tattoo with your baby’s name marked beneath on your lower hip works fine. You can also be more comprehensive information to your tattoo such as your baby’s name, birth date, time and weight.
Parents looking for a meaningful and unique tattoo to commemorate the birth of their child might want to consider a baby footprint tattoo.

A popular addition to baby footprint tattoo designs is the name and date of the child, and the forearm is a great place for fathers to get tattooed. Mothers might want to consider a baby footprint tattoo design on the side, along with the child’s name and birth date. Add some angel wings to your baby footprint tattoo design to add a sweet touch to your little angel’s tattoo.
Baby footprint tattoo designs also make amazing memorial tattoos if the unthinkable happens.
Combine baby handprints and footprints for another cute butterfly tattoo design, this time with the child’s name forming the body.
Two baby footprints come together to make a cute heart shaped tattoo, a perfect symbol of a parent’s unconditional love!
Names forming a heart shape surround these adorable little baby footprints in this small baby footprint tattoo. With pink and blue footprints, names, and dates, this baby footprint tattoo is perfect for a brother and sister!
If you need a little more color in your baby footprint tattoo, this design might be worth considering.
The flowers and jewels in this cute baby footprint tattoo really add a gorgeous touch to the loving sentiment of the quote. A pair of baby footprints forming the V in the word love in this side tattoo is a truly stunning work of art!
A fancy script adorned with a rose and vines in the same color palette make for an elegant arm tattoo.
Some angels are seen as fallen angels, again representing the wearer and their shortcomings.
Praying Angel Tattoo Design Beautiful Designs is a part of Praying Angel Tattoos pictures gallery. Proud parents adopt various ways of making this moment a memorable one including getting a tattoo. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. Not to mention baby feet tattoos look cute and stylish, while also displaying others the bondage between you and your baby. Additional features that you may consider would be to also place the date of your child’s birth with it. And in this case, you can continue adding baby footprint tattoos onto your arms as you and your spouse continue to bring on more family members!
Because every person’s footprint is unique, parents can be sure that their baby footprint tattoos are as unique and individual as possible!

If you’re planning on getting a baby footprint tattoo, round up those baby footprints from your baby books and head out to see a good tattoo artist. You might also want to check out these 30 Lovely Mom Tattoos, 10 Sweet Mom Tattoos For Mother’s Day, 12 Darling Dad Tattoo Designs, and 35 Lovely Baby Tattoos! Having the image of your baby inked in your body, I will be very proud having a tattoo of my baby’s face. Sometimes, the birth dates, names, initials, dates or pictures are also placed somewhere near them. After-all, who wants to go through this painful skin-piercing process without a valid reason behind? Well, the hospitals supply them so kindly ask the doctor or nurses to give you a copy of your baby’s footprints, or hand-prints, and you are ready set to go. You can find Inner Arm Name Tattoo Design guide and view the latest fancy name tattoos in here.
Differently, there are some nations that got their flag design by struggle much in the war. A classic baby footprint tattoo is usually done in shades of black and gray, much like a real inked footprint. Having said that, Baby feet tattoos designs are a perfect tattoo idea for the life of couples who want to express their great joy and deep love towards their newly-born baby. The thing to make sure though is to choose the right professional tattoo artist to get it done since it will last forever on your skin. However, some parents opt for more colorful baby footprint tattoo designs; blue for boys and pink for girls, for instance. Baby tattoos offer an outlet to them to give a concrete and material form to this inexplicable love. So, the correct names to be written are kids and parents’ name because there is no ex-child and ex-parents. After all no joy can be as great as carrying your baby on your body even after it has come into the world.
He has the name of his children on their several body parts like upper chest, lower back and some other places.Tattoo is like having a tighter bond than marriage. You can write it with usual letter we know or unique letter like Chinese or Japanese letter.

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