Disclaimer: The information provided in MDJunction is not a replacement for medical diagnosis, treatment, or professional medical advice. There are other occasions like birthday but that are totally different from this one because it has an amazing fact about it that it comes every year and you can celebrate it with more enthusiasm. Quotes can be said as one of the best ways to express love, feel, thoughts and interest etc.
Add a comment about this ecard & share your comments with other users who browse this ecard. Birthday Wishes for Best Friend: A best friend’s birthday card deserves nothing but the sweetest wishes, cutest messages and the most touching quotes. 1) If our friendship was a legal contract, it would be just five words – I’ll Be There For You. 3) Happy birthday to the friend who knows me like no one else does, and is that person in my life who no one else can be.
5) (From one girl to another) My best friend – the person with whom I would have definitely made out if she was a guy. 7) The last time I blew the candles on my birthday cake, I wished for a friend who’d look out for me and stay with me through thick and thin.
8) Every second, every minute, every hour, every day – these are the only times I think about you. 9) Best friends like you are parents, teachers and lovers all combined into one magical personality.
10) Finding your value in my life would be like finding water in the ocean – it’s always there. 12) Just like how wine is incomplete without having something on the side to munch, without you my life simply does not pack a punch. 13) Cheesecakes, tiramisu and gooey tarts – may your life be as sweet as these goodies is the wish I make with all my heart. 14) Thanks for hearing the words I never said, and understanding my mind which no one else has ever read. 16) If I was asked to write a birthday wish for you, I’d just draw a heart – because that’s what our friendship means to me. 17) Every minute I spend hanging out with you is more precious than gold, because it is a priceless memory that I am going to cherish when I am old.
18) I may not be an expert at being your best friend but I promise to try again and again till my dying breath. 19) I do hope that your birthday cake is the sweetest one ever, but it can never be as sweet as our friendship.

21) Your presence in my life is like the RAIN which parches thirst, creates a beautiful rainbow and always leaves behind a silver lining.
22) Happy birthday to the friend who stays in my heart permanently and rightfully refuses to pay rent. 23) The difference between you and my other friends is that they know me as a person, and you understand me as an individual. 24) I want to thank you for not just being there for me when I needed you, but being there for me all the time.
28) I don’t have a sister but if I ever did, she would have very big shoes to fill – YOURS! 31) No matter where life takes us, no matter how far we are from each other – the memories of our friendship will remain in my heart forever. 34) Happy birthday to the person who always reminded me of my worth even when I felt worthless. 35) Having you as a friend is like the warm feeling I get when I hold a hot coffee cup on a cold winter day and curl up with my favorite book on my sofa.
37) Your birthday has not just added a year to your life, but also to our strong friendship which has stood the test of time and strife. 38) The worst part about being best friends with you is that everything becomes boring as hell, when you are not around. 40) We are less like best friends and more like twins – even your birthday feels like mine.
To give a perfect birthday present you always need a perfect birthday card with some lovable and beautiful happy birthday quotes written on it.
Weddings come mostly only one time in a life of a person but these birthdays are one of the happiest occasions of life and we all expect this day to go perfect for us.
In fact, some people will claim for those quotes in the form of poem as written like poetry.
Don’t you dare insult your friendship by picking up a lousy greeting card from the supermarket shelves. I am celebrating the countdown towards death, of the same person without whom I would be unable to live life.
Life is full situations where people gather around and make fun and share their stories and take some memorable pictures. If you succeed in finding such birthday card then it adds up the beauty in your gift because with some lovely words you can win the heart of others. The perfect birthday always need a perfect situation and best friends with perfect gifts and perfect happy birthday quotes so that we can reach our expectations from this one day that comes after a long wait of a whole year.

Most of the cute quotes that are written by the personalities did not mean to have an inspiration or any interpretation. Wish your bestie a Happy Birthday by posting silly stuff on Facebook and tweeting funny rants on Twitter. Birthdays are one of them and birthdays can never be celebrated without happy birthday quotes. Whatever it’s the birthday of your mom, dad, brother, sister, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or best friend. These quotes are just written out of their own experience and forget them after writing it. Go on to Pinterest and share some of the best pins that you can find, especially those which embody the true meaning of friendship. We often see that every birthday card has some quotations written on it and on the basis of these quotations we choose them to give as a birthday present. But when audience read them, they do not forget any of the quotes because it may resemble as their life or it may have some meaning on it. If you find it very difficult to write a quote, then select for giving a card that consists of excellent words on it.
Pen down a heartfelt line or two on a handmade note and slip it inside the gift that you got.
Whatever it is, the meaning of those cute quotes remains the same and people enjoy reading it. And when you finally meet your bff in person on the special day, kick off the celebrations with smiles, hugs and high fives. If you find it very difficult to write it 2 or 3 sentences, then write the whole story initially. This is the least you can do to celebrate the birthday of someone with whom you’re going to share some of life’s most precious memories. Majority of the celebrities who have written cute quotes will do this and then make it as simple as possible.

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