If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Celtic Tattoos For Women, Angel Tattoos For Women, Cross Tattoos For Women,and Lotus Flower Tattoos. Stunning details making it a tasteful daisy design, which you would love to flash on your leg. Classy white daisies with nice white and blue shade work on petal, and enhancing the tattoo further is the tribal pattern in the background. Memorial back piece dedicated to a pet named Daisy with a big purple daisy and the pet’s portrait.

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Roses, cherry blossoms and lotuses essentially carry a particular meaning or motivation for the wearer.
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However, if you simply want a lovely-looking flower piece to adorn your body, daisies would go best with your sophisticated taste.

Women can wear a daisy piece on their leg, ribcage or waist for a sensuous style statement.

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