The dandelion bird tattoo belongs to that genre that is full of varied meanings and holds a good storehouse of symbolic accounts behind its simple and sober display. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Face Tattoos, David Beckham Tattoos, Tramp Stamp Tattoos and Angelina Jolie Tattoos.
Dandelion bird tattoo etched on the upper back stands for the gentle passage of time that brings change eventually.
Wishes materializing into reality is the theme of this upper back dandelion bird tattoo that the girl is wearing as a lucky charm as well. This dandelion bird tattoo implies that the seeds of transformation lie inside us and they need to be nurtured to realize our potential. Elegant back tattoo created with the dandelion and birds that stand for the gradual realization of the girl’s dreams.
Chest tattoo showing a dandelion with birds coming out of it looks very pleasant and symbolizes wishes coming true.
Dandelion turning into birds is a symbol of bliss that comes with liberation and when one sets one mind free. The girl got this tattoo to give expression to her wish that is about receiving freedom from her problems in life.
The guy got the dandelion bird tattoo as a tribute to his deceased brother who flew away from his life just like the birds. If you want a tattoo that symbolizes the negative and positive aspect of change in equal measure then the dandelion bird is a cool choice. Just like the dandelion twigs are turning into birds and flying away, one may also get rid of the negative traits.

The girl has the dandelion with birds on her upper back that look very graceful and stand for the wearer’s desire to attain freedom.
The girl got the dandelion bird tattoo on her upper back after turning 18 and to earmark her new journey with her fiance. My dreams will take the shape of reality someday; this is the message hidden behind the dandelion bird tattoo carved with an inspirational phrase. Symbol of hope and new beginning; the dandelion bird tattoo serves as a source of inspiration for the girl. Cool quote etched below the dandelion bird tattoo stands for the difficult period that has flown away from the life of the girl in the course of time. The girl blowing up the dandelion petals brings alive the carefree and funny childhood that is the most beautiful phase of life. Dandelion and paper cranes symbolize happiness, health, and long life that come with the attainment of self-actualization.
Dandelion turning into birds is a tribute tattoo that the girl got carved on her back to mark the fulfillment of her desire. The dandelion bird tattoo is an inspiration for those who want to realize their dreams as it symbolizes the fulfillment of wishes. The girl flaunts her dandelion bird tattoo that she got on the side of her back as an expression of the desires that need immediate fulfillment. Dandelion and the birds coming out of it are a symbol of happiness that are realized after the wishes come true. Dandelion and birds emerging from it, carved on the foot, is a symbol of self-development and the desire to realize one’s calling in life.

This cool tattoo is a reflection of the girl’s desire to be become as free as a bird and realize her spiritual dreams. The dandelion birds send out the message of hope, freedom and bliss, sitting on the back of the girl.
Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. All of us have seen the benign looking dandelion that is considered to be a flower as well as a weed. Besides this, there are various other meanings that are associated with the dandelion and birds. One very popular symbolic significance relates to the wishes coming true and fulfillment of desires.
The petals flying into the air gave a very feel good kind of sensation and it looked as though all the worries and troubles have been swept away in a single blow. Here we have created a collection of 25 tattoos of dandelion birds that will bring out more dimensions on the subject.

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