Dandelion Mehdi Akhavan Sales English Poems by Iranian poet English Translation of Mehdi Akhavan Sales M. About This WebsiteThis website is dedicated to promotion, and presentation of fabulous poetry, by popular modern Iranian poet, Mehdi Akhavan Sales. Akhavan's writing style combined the liberal approach of Nima Youshij, with the heroic language of Ferdowsi, and made use of the simplicity often seen in Sa'adi's poetry. Or are we floating because he filled us with so much love that we are now lighter than air?
Note to self: If I ever get a chance to play minecraft download the dandelion texture pack. He established himself as one of the pioneers of contemporary Iranian poetry, called new poetry (She're No).

His poetry maintains elements of rhyme and rhythm, and explores new ways of utilizing them.
On the cusp of a transformation I still don't understand, a future I can't yet see, an uncertainty that feels scary and confusing but exciting at the same time. Is this just a coincidence, or are we in part floating because our hearts have this big gaping hole from the loss of Daddy?
I really wish there were more flawlessly smooth yet adorably colored and simple packs like this.
This website features Akhavan's poems in both English, and Farsi, and also contains a collection of images and videos from the poet. Some days, I think I know what is in store for me and my family and then, everything becomes unclear.

She is learning to navigate life without a partner for the first time in her adult life, which leaves everything so ambiguous. Not because you are lacking something, but maybe instead, because you are so full and ready for something different. My other sister gave birth to a beautiful baby boy two months ago and she is also floating.
Her heart is telling her that she needs to start on a new journey, yet she has not figured out what that journey will look like.

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