If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Jesus Tattoos, Swallow Bird Tattoos, Gemini Tattoos and Lily Tattoos. The girl got Eminem lyrics along with dandelion as it motivates her to be appreciative of her unique beauty.
The girl got this dandelion tattoo to express her tribute to her family members who lost their lives to cancer.
Carved with the initials of herself and her best friend, this dandelion symbolizes the countless lovely memories when they were together. The seeds flying away from the dandelion flower present a catchy portrait that is symbolic of freedom.
Magnetic dandelion tattoo with three seeds symbolizes the three wishes the girl wants to be fulfilled.
Hidden in the back dandelion tattoo is the birth date and number of the wearer’s children. The girl flaunts her blown up dandelion tattoo, done on her waist and back that is symbolic of her freedom loving nature.
Symbolizing the desire of the girl to achieve her dreams and fulfill the wishes of her family, this tattoo looks very cool. Wistful dandelion tattoo that is symbolic of the transformation from childhood to youth that takes away all the innocence and fun from life. This sexy tattoo piece represents the beautiful human life that is full of desires and wishes. Red and black tattoo carved with dandelion and a quote conveys an almost impossible wish of the wearer. Quotes and dandelions are popular tattoo forms and this girl wears a similar sample on her foot that inspires her to be strong. Dandelion turning into birds looks very magical and stands for the countless wishes the wearer wants to become true. The dandelion and the Latin phrase exhort the wearer to believe in her dreams and work hard to achieve them.
Let go off worries and believe in yourself; this is the message of the dandelion and quote tattoo carved with birds. Adorning the foot of the girl in a delicate style, the dandelion tattoo represents romance and youth.

Wishes come true if we work on them and believe in ourselves; this is the message that comes out of the back dandelion tattoo. Wear your wishes and dreams on your sleeve with a blowing away dandelion tattoo, just like this girl. The wearer got the dandelion on his leg as he believes that wearing the flower will bring him good luck.
The blowing up dandelion with two flying birds is symbolic of the new life the girl is going to start with her lover in a new place. Love is liberating and drives out our ego; this is the meaning of dandelion turning into birds tattoo. The girl is a die-hard-romantic and this dandelion tattoo expresses the flight of her romantic fantasies. This dandelion tattoo is a symbol of all the beautiful moments when the wearer felt at ease and complete. Dandelion breaking into birds inspires us to let go off grudges and ill feelings and lead a happy life. Oozing a landscape charm, this colorful dandelion tattoo is a symbol of love and liberation.
This dandelion tattoo signifies that every human being is caught in the whirl of his deeds and is rewarded accordingly. Wings of faith and self-belief can make one realize one’s dreams, this is what the dandelion tattoo implies. The dandelion is a reminder to the wearer to free herself from the baggage of past and have faith in her abilities. Serving as a catharsis tool, the broken dandelion tattoo inspires the wearer to come out of her painful past and look forward to the future.
The blown up dandelion and birds together represent the power of faith that turns dreams into reality. The dandelion breaking into petals is a symbol of the wearer’s life journey that has been full of delightful moments. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics.
In terms of placement, dandelion tattoo could look very cool on the shoulder and back, but also works on the wrist and inner forearm.

The dandelion is considered ordinary and plain when compared to popular flowers, such as the rose and lotus.
In Christianity, a dandelion is associated with Jesus Christ’s love and self-sacrifice.
Please don’t forget to subscribe to the RSS-feed and follow Inspiration feed on Twitter+ Facebook. Blowing up the delicate and cute flower is widely known as the favorite pastime of children. The dandelion tattoo symbolizes what you wish and is considered to bring good luck and prosperity.
If you are looking for inspirations of dandelion tattoos, here are a list of the best collection. Dandelion tattoos can hold a high value of symbolic importance for those who wear this unique flower. In this post I have compiled a list of most amazing dandelion tattoos designs for your inspiration.
The distinctive flower with a round geometric shape is also known for its herbal properties. Dandelion tattoos are can be wore by both men and women, however, they are mainly chosen by women. Combine the dandelion tattoo with your favorite quote on flying, adventure, or freedom, and you have got yourself a really cool piece of body art. Coming to the tattoo story of the dainty dandelion, the body art form is very popular among men and women, especially the latter. Broken dandelion, dandelion turning into birds and blown up dandelion also make for beautiful tattoos.

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