Day of the dead is a Mexicon Holiday in the memory of the deceased on November 1 and 2 after Catholics Holiday All Saint’s Day also known as Halloween.
Day of the Dead Tattoo shows symbol of a girl transformed in skull, we have selected more than 40 day of the dead tattoos to cherish the souls of beloved ones who want to visit their homes on this holiday, the tattoo designs are with sugar skull which is most popular tattoo design and many other souls with flowers and many colors, hope you will like these tattoos! Continue and add some sharp lines with the Calligraphic Brush to make your shadows more stylized and to continue the style used in the darker line art. I added some highlights on top of the letters and decorative red lines to make my typography more stylized.
The History of this day started from Maya tribes now new mexicans, preparation for this day start from 28 October and start to work the fair with sthe sinister, merchants display big and small skulls and skeletons on their shelves.

If you want to make some details stronger just duplicate the Calligraphic Brush in the Brushes panel and change brush size settings from 1pt to 2 or 3pt.
First choose a Calligraphic Brush with a big diameter (about 3 pt) and fill the hairs areas.
With these white lines we're giving the portrait more contrast and therefore it will be more pleasing to the eye.
I actually already created some roses earlier and have decided to recycle them for this project. So Unite all in the Pathfinder panel by clicking on the first left icon, holding Alt, press the Expand button.

Check out Envato StudioChoose from over 5 million royalty-free photos and images priced from $1. Click on the eye icon of this Layer holding Alt to disable all the layers above by one click. We will start with sketching and continue drawing using a Calligraphic Brush, Pen Tool and even Type Tool.

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