Big Oak offers low fence free ranch Whitetail hunting in the Pine timber surrounding Lake of the Pines.
To snag a deer today, you need to do more than just grab a gun and take a stroll through the woods. Our deer blinds come prefabricated with four walls, a floor, and roof panel ready for easy construction. Unlike many popup deer blinds, Productive Cedar Products’ hunting blinds are factory direct and can be used for bow and rifle hunting.
Contact Productive Cedar Products today for more information about our hunting ground blinds, deer blind supplies, and to get your box cedar deer blind shipped directly to you today!

The previous Alaskan-Yukon moose and typical mule deer records were established in the 1970s, while the non-typical Coues’ deer record had previously stood since 1987.
For those of you not familiar with the Pope and Young Club, I urge you to check out the organization and the excellent work they do.
Deer blinds are a safe, effective way to bag your next buck without the hassle of climbing a tree. With no cutting and measuring to do, they are easy to assemble with a friend and will last for years. Their sloped roofs keep you warm and dry in rain or snow while providing a safe place to set up shop.

At which, the Club announced the awards for the highest scoring animals in each species for the 27th recording period. At Productive Cedar Products, our ground deer blinds are a great way to hunt while staying out of the elements. Our ground blinds can be put together in 30 minutes and serve as permanent hunting locations or you can pick it up and move it as you go.

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