TweetThere aren’t many tools online made specifically to designing or customizing tattoos, but there are a few worth checking out. CreateMyTattoo is a website where people can submit a custom tattoo idea and receive 10+ offers from artists that are active on the site. TweetLike any other placement of a tattoo, the wrist tattoo has had different meanings throughout the years. It gives you access to a large database of tattoo designs as well as a host of tools to modify and customize the designs. It’s a great concept and there are at least a couple of thousand registered artists on the site at the time of writing. It gives you access to a large number of tattoo designs to work with, but it also allows you to work with your own images.
Visit them and check the introduction video to get a feel for how this tool works and how it can allow you to design your own tattoo. It allows you to create lettering tattoos using different fonts and then check out how it looks applied to the skin.
Ok guys, let's first begin with the basic essential guidelines needed to draw the lich-like dragon. So usually, I ALWAYS start by drawing the head first since it's the best way to start the figure of a creature. If you went ahead and completed the above step, you'll realize it was merely a test to see if you can handle the intensive detailing ahead. Now that we're nearly done with the basic outlining shapes of this dragon, we'll go ahead and sketch large portions of wing membrane which will be filled in later. Here is another tip stressing the importance of using various textures throughout your drawing.
Using the knowledge from the above step, we'll go ahead and detail the chest, arm, and wing arm of this deathly dragon. Now, before we hop into the wing detailing, we must realize our workpath for the individual texture detailing.

Seriously guys, I had intensive fun with this, especially rockin' out to my Metallic and Tool during the progression of "drawing a dragon tattoo design".
Draw the first small circle for the head, a large circle for the largest part of the body, and a smaller circle to proportion the hindquarters. Take your time, and try to have extremely curled talons to give this dragon a fierce and angular look. We will take our time (in this case, the detailing literally took me 3 hours to complete entirely during last night's livestream).
Usually artists will start off with one style of texture, but if your daredevil like me, we'll go ahead and use tons of varied texture styles to add tang to our work.
We DO NOT want to randomize the directions because it will simply cause confusion and a sloppy composition. Then, we shall move onto the stomach detailing, working our way slowly to the tail detailing. If you're an advanced artist, you would have drawn all these dark details with a brush pen or micron pen. This was inspired by a Metallica song that randomized on my Winamp which is called "All Nightmare Long". It's advised to draw accurate guidelines in order to result with a similar drawing at the end of the tut. You'll know that each individual body part is an appropriate dimension because of the already drawn head. Secondly, depending on my light-source, I use thinner lines and darken the base of the fanned lines to create a line variety between the parent base lines, and the lightly detailed ones.
When I sketched this beast up, I started with the eye first, then the teeth frame for the upper row, filling them in later on.
I simply started with the detailing of the wing fingers, then the top half of the overlapping wing.
I would suggest drawing all these details with a ball point pen, micron pens, or brush pens.

Afterwards, I move onto the lower row of teeth which will be easier since I've already drew the upper row. You'll probably spend around 20 minutes to complete the detailing on the neck (depending on your drawing skill). Then, realizing the direction of my light source, I go ahead and darken the edges of the wings where membrane meets the edges of the wing fingers, and wing arm. I know I haven't done a cool tattoo dragon in a while, so I thought this would be a warm welcome of awesome to the site. Once you've completed the neck, work on the large fan of wing, which is very thin due to this creature's decaying, rotted body. We start with light line weights and thicken them as they reach the base of the parent outlines. Having a library full of texturing techniques will only make your designs more interesting and 'zesty'. My light source is hitting entirely in the middle because of the moon beaming behind the dragon tattoo.
We will be drawing LOTS of black - thick lines so using a black marker or pen is totally recommended. Go ahead and sketch a few slimy decayed pieces of flesh dripping from beneath the neck and chin.
Thanks so much for visiting and stay tuned for possible requested tuts and other kicka** lessons. Is a simple taper dotted texture best used for the darkest part of certain regions (neck, wings, and limbs).

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