The ambigram generator is a tool that allows you to type in two names (or other words) to create your own unique, personalized love tattoo. So basically, you are encouraging people to STEAL copyrighted images from another individual’s site? Ever since reading Dan Brown's Angels and Demons, I artistic spirit has been enamoured with ambigrams. In this Photoshop tutorials will also show you how to remove a watermark from the image & Photoshop the tattoo to the body! Just want to share how to use Photoshop to remove the graphic watermark for owpersonal use only & not for commercial! But here we have 50 typographic posters where the art lies in not just getting the letters right, but using them to paint the picture. Use our Ambigram Generator to create your own mind-blowing ambigram products and ambigram tattoos that can be read upright and upside-down!

These posters were made by masters of typography, and showcases the letters themselves at the forefront in a way no book or website does. When youa€™re in need of a script or calligraphy font, the choices showcased here will provide plenty of variety.
Some ambigrams may read one word while read normally, but if your flip them upside down they read another word.
Take a look at this collection of inspirational typographic poster designs for your own inspiration. Headlines must be big, attractive and effective to attract users for more reading and browsing. Others display 180 degree symmetry, when they are rotated 180 degrees they look exactly the same as they did in the beginning. The art of the typeface, from the typographer who creates them down to the designer who meticulously meddles with settings to get them just right in their designs a€” from the size to the letter spacing to the line length a€” is a complicated one.

In this article you will find 20 beautiful fonts for creating big and effective headlines in your designs. Be sure to check the restrictions and license details before using any free font to be sure that you are using it according to the terms. Above and below are some of the ambigrams that I have created for myself, friends, and for fun. Champignon Chopin Script One Fell Swoop Porcelain Kingthings Foundation Kingthings Calligraphica Tangerine Billy Argel Font Gothic Ultra OT Selfish Arabella.

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