Ceramic Tattoo Art InspirationI was watching the TV Show called Miami Ink when it first aired and I thought to myself why can't I apply that to my ceramic art?
The design combines the heptagram from the Grand Pentacle with the scorpion of the 5th Pentacle of Mars from the Key of Solomon (c.
Happy June 1 and happy indeed as the first cake and frosting (including commentary, photos and recipes) from my new book has appeared. This unusual combination of spice cake and peanut buttercream was inspired by Lillan Hayward, mother of Woody’s T'ai Chi master Sifu Ray (funny coincidence both she and Marie are from the Twin Cities!
I really have to stop saying that each recipe I offer on these videos is my favorite but what can I tell you--they all are. It's entirely possible that there is no flavor more delightful and compelling than strawberry. A few years ago, at the Union Square Farmer’s Market, I discovered the best strawberries since that night in Vermont so many years ago and a subsequent trip to France one June. But what to do when now, at the height of strawberry season nearing, when the berries are sometimes disappointingly flavorless.
When ready to serve, drain the berries, placing the liquid in a lightly oiled microwave safe cup.
We all know that they best way to keep pie dough from sticking to the surface while rolling it out is to keep it cool. I’m always looking for the ideal way to prevent sticking and avoid adding too much extra flour to the dough. When I saw the dough mat described in an industry equipment magazine I was skeptical but ordered one to check it out. Note: It’s always a good idea when rolling the dough to move it from time to time to ensure that it will release and if it seems to be getting a little resistant, to sprinkle on a little flour. The dough mat has a slightly adhesive bottom surface, which keeps it from slipping on the counter. This segment is intended to be a lesson in my basic mixing technique for the American butter layer cake and the French Genoise. Taking a week off to breathe the country air, smell the roses, and take a break from the internet. I’ve been trying to have a real rest and change from my usual routine which means mostly staying off the internet. Everyone contributed different dishes to the celebration and it was all fabulous: Marion’s potato salad with Joe Menegus’s winter storage potatoes (the best I’ve ever had), Lorraine’s spinach and strawberry salad (what a terrific combination of bitter and sweet) using Maria’s just picked spinach, Maria's spinach and cheese calzone, Bob’s marinated, grilled flat iron steak and surprise surprise—he roasts and grinds his own coffee!
Be careful what you ask for as you may get it, and there hasn't been one thing Rose hasn't delivered for me! The Gateau au Grand Marnier et Chocolat is many people's favorite from The Cake Bible.It keeps so long and ships so well it is the one I make most often for my father in upstate NY.

My dear friend the brilliant pastry chef and chocolatier Jean Francois Bonnet of Tumbador will be making 1000 tastings of his chocolate financier recipe that is included in the upcoming book.
Please click on the link to find some useful information on using whole wheat flour in baking. The posting I wrote last week about my recent trip to Paris reminded me of one from many years ago when the International Association of Culinary Professionals had a regional meeting in that, my favorite city.
It is with great sadness that I have just learned of the recent death of Simone "Simca" Beck. I am grateful that Simca lived to complete and see published her wonderful memoires and recipes: Food and Friends.
Note: When doing a spell check, the dictionary said that the word Simca was not in the dictionary and the suggested change was simmer! In fact I'm combining it with my new devil's food cake for a special birthday party this coming weekend in Hope! I was 13 and was sent to the Putney Work Camp in Vermont to learn some work ethics and outdoor skills. They are called “day neutrals” and are a cross between the French fraises de bois and our often watery, flavorless, over-sized variety.
Watching carefully, microwave on high until the juices are reduced to thick but still pourable syrup. But unless you have a refrigerated marble top, chill down your marble or granite counter, or use the Kuhn Rikkon plastic box like device into which you can insert ice packs, the chances are that it will soften to some degree while rolling.
Up until I discovered the "magic dough mat" I swore by the pastry cloth and sleeve into which you rub flour allowing the to dough pick up only the bare minimum it requires. I was stunned to discover that unless the dough really softens it virtually prevents sticking. I prefer Wondra, as it’s slightly coarse texture makes it wonderfully slippery and less is needed.
The top surface has all manner of useful information such as guide rings for different size doughs and lots of metric equivalencies including volume and temperature.
There is no better way to see the consistency of the layer cake batter and the all important consistency of the genoise when it has been beaten for the full amount of time. Nature cooperated by huge thunder storms that zapped the dsl box requiring the modem to be reset and the apple airport to be reconfigured (1 ? hour drive to the nearest Apple store in the Rockway Mall but the genius bar was just that!).
Before I went over to the Nespresso pod system I did the same but he is the first person I’ve met who also makes this effort. We were walking up the hill to play tennis at the Inn at Mill Race and I was so shocked I thought it was a sculpture.
In response to many requests over the past 20 years I am offering it as a three-tier wedding cake in the upcoming book!

Zach had the rudiments of a recipe he obtained from a patisserie called La Petite Rose in Paris. There were so many stories from that trip including the surprise of running into my brother and sister-in-law who were staying at the very same hotel as I, and driving through France afterwards in a car of far too few chevaux with Shirley Corriher who has since documented some of the more hilarious episodes in her book CookWise. I really have a great respect for the art of tattooing and while my artwork is totally different from a tattoo artist I hope that it gives the industry the respect it deserves. Cramberry Walnut Bread, cousin to the Raisin Pecan Bread, is one of the bread I make most often to bring to dinner parties as a hostess present.
The first overnight hike, carrying what seemed like an unbearably heavy backpack, was not very much to my liking until I discovered just before falling asleep that my sleeping bag was on a bed of wild strawberries.
It's quite shocking to discover how a little sugar and time can transform and bring out the flavor that a strawberry was born to possess. They will keep at room temperature for several hours or in the refrigerator for several days. Allow it to cool until just warm or room temperature and gently stir them back into the berries.
I just couldn't resist offering Hector a recipe from the wedding cake chapter of my upcoming book because it was so appropriate to his location. I had what turned out to be a near identical recipe from pastry chef Hidemi Sugino in Japan, translated by my friend Yoko Sakuma.
The sweet intense sting of the tiny berries was so amazing I almost forgot about the raw egg someone had slipped into my sleeping bag after hearing me brag about how my father had made it for me (another lesson learned!). The nuts encrusting the side are dry roasted unsalted peanuts cut by hand to avoid nut dust--it was a very relaxing process.) My friend and neighbor Maria Menegus invited us to help celebrate her birthday at neighbors' Lorraine and Bob. I had kept the recipe for several years fearing it wouldn’t work because so often recipes given by chef don’t as evidenced by the e-mail below. When I asked her for her favorite cake flavors and she mentioned chocolate and peanut butter this rendition leapt to mind.
It was truthful bananas delicious, fragrant without using banana essence (which most bakeries use giving it an artificial flavor), the dark tan color and the speckles were appetizing, but most of all is the characteristic melt in the mouth texture Rose's butter cakes mixing method have. It was the shiniest chocolate glaze I had ever seen and I dubbed it “Chocolate Lacquer Glaze” though Woody improved upon this calling it “Baby Grand Piano Glaze.” I told Zach that if he would test the recipe I would send him what I had and give him credit in the book. Between him, Woody, and me we must have tweaked it close to 30 times and it now graces the cover of my upcoming book. I do notice Rose adds an incredible amount of salt, and kindly whispered asking if anyone thought this cake was salty?

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