Having been released from prison, Clint tries to make good with his daughter, even dropping off an old, restored dollhouse as a kind gesture, asking for forgiveness … and $20,000. Hannah would rather pay off her father than kill him, but Dexter has no such compunctions, nor does he care that Clint technically doesn’t qualify as a victim under his code. LaGuerta and Matthews pay a visit to the former site of the cabin where Doakes died, hoping investigation of his final days will bring them a clue. This is a nonprofit and unofficial fansite created to support DEXTER and to provide news regarding the characters and the show.

Hannah’s father Clint complicates their relationship by asking for money, while Dexter faces a difficult realization over the “Phantom Arsonist” killings, and LaGuerta has a breakthrough in her secret investigation. When she doesn’t loan him the money, he destroys her nursery, and then blackmails her. With no match for the arsonist’s fingerprints, Deb and Dexter muse that his “Bobby” calling card might be signs of a juvenile records case, and Dexter breaks into the office to confirm.  He manages to ID Joseph Jensen as the Phantom Arsonist. The current owner reveals that he originally rented the cabin to a drugrunner named Santos Jimenez.  LaGuerta and Matthews recognized the name as one of the three men who murdered Dexter Morgan’s mother, but Matthews offers to be the one to talk to Dexter rather than LaGuerta.

After strapping Joseph down and getting him to confess to the crimes, Dexter realizes that Bobby blames an external figure for the killings, just as he himself had been doing for years.  Rather than go through with the kill, Dexter cleans up the scene, and leaves Joseph for Deb and the police to find. The content of this website constitutes a 'Fair Use' of the copyrighted material as provided in section 107 of the US Copyright Law.

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