Microchips are no bigger than a grain of rice and are inserted in the scruff of the pet’s neck.
Once implanted with a microchip that is part of the scheme, your pet’s details will be added to the database.
Everybody knows that ear is a very small place for tattoos but according to tattoo world it is a pretty place for tattoos. Now you can see a list of designs for ear tattoos, it is not that much limited as you think.

When Somebody don’t want to have tattoos on their body, they can have ear tattoo only, it costs nothing but uplifts your presence in the society.
There are some awesome tattoos inside, over & behind ear for which you can’t stop yourself being in love with that. List is endless in designs for tattoos & you can have that designs on your other parts of body, if you like. Although, there is no limit of creativity and imagination, you can make that place fabulous through small but cute tattoos too.

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