The Masters and Mariners were committed to improving safety at sea, and promoted nautical training. In 1680, the Masters appointed a professor to teach the mathematics of navigation to the sons and apprentices of shipmasters.
A new building for Leith Nautical College opened in 1977, bringing all student facilities and new equipment together under one roof. TS DolphinHMS Dolphin was built in Middlesbrough in 1882 and saw action in the Mediterranean. Framed photographs of the training ship Dolphin, which was used for pre-sea training by cadets. We’d love you to share our images … click on each image to enlarge it and then click on the social icons to share it on your Facebook page!

Photos taken early morning on Trinity Beach July 2015.  While taking these photos, a large pod of dolphins swam right along the length of the beach – we managed to snap off a couple of poor quality quick photos BUT you should have been here!  Absolutely magical. But the world of seafaring was changing, and the decision was taken to concentrate navigational education in Glasgow.
Presented to Thomas Aitken to commemorate the laying of the memorial stone at Leith Nautical College in 1901. From 1944, Leith Nautical College used the Dolphin to provide seamanship training for cadets and deck boys. Training for officers expanded across Scotland, but concern remained about the lack of specialist knowledge among many ordinary seamen. A catering course for ships’ cooks was later added, run by the Atholl Crescent School of Domestic Science.

Several groups in Leith, including Trinity House, worked to open a dedicated nautical school in Leith. In 1855, Leith Navigational School opened in a room in the Mariners’ Church in Commercial Street.

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